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August 08, 2017


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Thanks for this guide. It's exactly what I was looking for the other day after doing a test in Cambridge book.

But I have a question: is this a standard among IELTS examiner. I mean, do IELTS has a standard in marking answers some how?

Hi Simon! I'm a bit confused. When i do listening with earphones i always get more than 33,but when i do with speakers my scores are lower, so what you recommend,which method should i choose?

Hi teacher Simon and everyone,
I found very difficult to identify spelling of letter P and B in the listening test. And I also found that these letters usually appear on the Ielts Listening. For example, section 1-test 2 in Cambridge 11.
Can anyone give me some tips or advice? I often make mistake between B & P and I made wrong answers :(
And about the space in the answer of spelling, for example, a question about Postcode, the answer is PE9 7QT (have space between each three letters) but my answer is PE97QT (no space). Is my answer accepted or not?

Please kindly help me. Thank you.

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