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August 01, 2017


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I think we can consider it to be " the most inspiring teacher I had no chance to be with".

The foremost teacher who made the concepts easy

The most perfect teacher, who never taught me.

A great educator that I did had.

The best teacher i never had before

for no reason i have had the best educator.

The Amazing Teacher of the Earth ever had

The excellent teacher I had ever before

the best teacher that he had and never have had any teachers like him again.

The greatest scholar whose guidelines I invariably wanted

Mr.physicist, there are none unto you. no-one like you.
The great scholar, I never met before

The perfect educator I have never met before.

The first excellent teacher I have.

The best of the best teacher I have no one come even close to him


When we say "the best .... I never had", we are really saying "I wish I had had ...." or ".... would have been my ideal...".

So, Bill Gates is saying:

"I wish I had been taught by Richard Feynman. He would have been my ideal teacher."

This clip made me thinking how Simon demonstrating and explaining the methods and the strategies of IELTS preparation in an easy yet efficient way.

paraphrasing : " I met an extraterrestrial"

amazing teacher never had

A Magic Teacher for Too Lucky Student!

A Magic Teacher For A Too Lucky Student!

An incredible teacher I was not opportune to learn from

I never had a teacher as best as him.

I haven't come into the contact of such flawless tutor ever

A witty teacher

i ever had best teacher before

It is unfortunate for me not to have a teacher as brilliant as him.

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