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August 21, 2017


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Over time
Despite our initial conflicting viewpoints, we managed to reach a consensus over time.

Students are advised to prepare for the IELTS exam over time rather than in a short period of time.

From the ground up
After the disastrous earthquake, the city had to be built from the ground up.

If you are considering building a business from the ground up, be prepared for taking risks and asking for help.

Faced with rising cost of living, new immigrants find it challenging to create a new life from the ground up in a new country.

Dear. Simon.

I have a question with regard to bar graph chart.
I cannot understand how to solve IELTS 12 test3, bar graph. In this type of question, what do I have to solve?

If you happen to have a free moment, I'd be very grateful if you could give me your opinion on this question.

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"from the ground up"
we'll build this love from the ground up.
I stole from the song:)

Over time= as time passes.
The sound effects of this film have become better over time.
From the ground up:
To construct this machine, we need to make sure that every part of it can be done correctly in order from the ground up.

Sir i have problem in reading in true false section

I am learning Computer Science from the ground up because I don't want to be a superficial engineer that only knows some technologies.

I must improve my skills bit by bit over time; there is no other way.

Good examples guys!

Over time: if something happens over time, it happens gradually during a long period
EX: a relationship is supposed to change over time

From the ground up: From the very beginning; also, completely, thoroughly
EX: If you move to another country, you have to start everything again from the ground up

Over time
The world climate has been changed over time, and causes an increase of sever natural disaster.

From the ground up
It is challenging to start new carer from the ground up, when you have no experience and knowledge about it.

We need to check the paper from the ground up when finished it.
Keeping in communicating with the others will boost your sense of self-confidence.

* over time
I will become a professional nurse over time if i do not give up my job and my faith about the work.

* from the ground up
I think people need to try to have a good relationship with new group from the ground up.
To get a high score in IELTS exam, i should study and practice it from the ground up.

when i was a child ,i want to be a doctor as i wann dedicated myself to my country,so i study hard and learn the medical knowlodge bit by bit over time from the ground up.I conviced i will succeed because i am smarter than oher people besides i work harder than others.

He is working overtime to get the job done on time

Hii dear simon
I have problem with reading in itz mcqs..it seems to be tough and in writing task two i don't know what should i write i mean dont hv topic lines..wt should i do...

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