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August 18, 2017


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Hi Simon,
first of all, thank you for your previous response.
Finally, you say that it is always best to use personal experience examples in our essays, but is it ok to make it up some statistics if you just can't think of anything else and it's not fully familiar with the subject in question? Thanks in advance.

Hii simon plz add me in your whatsapp group because I am large fan of your posts I will give exam in 9th September


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1.Because television can addresses to all age groups.Everbody can find somethings to their interests.For example, my father watches discussion programmes, my mother prefer watching tv series, they are so boring and virtual, but this is valid for turkish tv series, i don t have word for game of thrones :) anddddddd my bro always watches the football programmes, sometimes i company him, it is enjoyable.Therefore, television is so popular for everyone because everyone can find programmes what they like.

Part one:
1. Of course. I do like watching television as do almost most of the people. It's one of my hobby.

2. Not too much. since I've got a quite busy life style, I can just dedicate about two or three hours per night to watching TV.

3. I'd rather documentaries and horror movies. Being excited and knowledgeable are the most reason that I go for them.

4. No I don't think so. Children can watch their TV programmes for which are appropriate. But the amount of time should be controlled by their parents.

Part two:
I am asked about describing a TV programme in which I was interested. Well, it was a documentary named "The Secret of Surviving". I used to watch that via state TV, channel one, every night when I was at home. The programme was so mysterious that you were not able to give up. It tried to show how wildlife species live and survive. Sometimes, it introduce an animal that you have even never known anything about. So, I was quite excited to follow it, mostly because gaining more information about the world in which we live.

Part three:
1. amusing, informing, and being up to date, TV is able to keep drawing attentions of people to itself. If you asked anyone, most of them would have mentioned reasons that I said.
2. No one knows what exactly is going to happen in the future.However, television would not be able to be part of an everyday life unless it used new technologies and the managers had the certain understanding of what will be the need and the taste of different age of viewers.
3. Both of them. It really depends on what you want at a certain time and occasion. Sometimes, it will be okay to just have some fun.

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