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August 25, 2017


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You gave answer directly to the question and expressed your opinion.
Expanded your idea
Concluded with example .
Fewer programmes
Looking at screens
Through websites
Personal example
Choose to stream videos,films and TVs series

Hello guys,

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Used to
What I think will happen
Now I often
Stream ...

Hi Simon
I am new candidate to follow your blogs since this July and after going through these blogs, you have boosted up my confidence. Your ideas, information are streamlined and suitable to hit the bull's eye .
Thanks millions

· Answer the question directly with “NO”
· Explain in detail: describe a current trend
· Take an example, watch TV through computer

Good Point

Looking at screens
To use a personal example
Used to
Stream videos
Through my computer instead
What I think will happen, it`s already happening,
Used to…, but now … ( comparison )

1.answer the question directly with"No"
2.deepen your opinion by"though..."clause
3.add some examples in your answer
great words:

What I think will happen, and it's already happening,
i used to watch TV in the evenings, but now I often choose to

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