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August 23, 2017


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Hi Simon,
Regarding your topic sentences, main body 1. I thought it should have mentioned something about "not good parenting style", which was mentioned in the topic as well as the introduction. Why do you mention "discipline" instead?

Thank you!

(To be continued)
I personally believe that your topic sentences would better match to question like "How or what should we do to raise respectful and well - behave children.

Please correct me if I am wrong.
Highly appreciate!

Here are two real articles on permissive parenting:



Quan Le,

Yes, I considered that carefully. But don't worry- it will all become clear when you see my full paragraphs!

Hi Simon

I have a quick question about an essay.
"Some people argue that technological inventions, such as mobile phones, are making people socially less interactive." Do you agree or disagree?

For this essay, should I just mention about mobile phones or can I also mention about the internet?

Also I don't believe I can write 250 words about this essay. How can I expand the argument by adding however or while I believe this, I also think what?

Hi Mutlu,

I personally believe that you can mention either mobile phones or the Internet or any other technological device as "mobile phones" are mentioned in the topic just as an example.

Hope my ideas help.


Perhaps try writing out a plan like Simon's:


Will you agree, or disagree?

What exactly is meant by "socially less interactive" ? What examples will you use?

What was the situation before techno and what has changed?

Hi Simon,

I'm doing the writing test 2 on Cam 10, the question asks about whether we should use punishment to help children learn moral qualities. Can I understand the meaning of punishment somehow as discipline here? Since I searched online for ideas, I saw that some pages pointed out punishment and discipline are completely different.

Thank you!

Dear Simon,

When we analyze the thesis to write an essay,
I think we should know what it is required.

But the following TASK 2 question is a little bit confusing me . Through googling, most of them are off topic, I am afraid.

Nowadays more and more older people who are looking for work have to compete with younger people for the same jobs.
What problems does this cause?
What are some possible solutions?

This is a traditional "problem and solution" type.
What I would like to ask you is about what the exact 'problem' is.

1. most of them are translating this "Problem " as ,
" older people are competing with younger people for the same jobs " this is problem and this causes
a lot of problem.."

2. But I think, this is requiring us to present the problem as ; " why older people should be forced out to compete with younger people " ,not the caused problem by competing with each other.
Thus, I think the problem should be as follows.
1. Getting longer the averaged life expectancy .
So, making older people living , they have been forced to do so...

2. (possibly..) to spend too much money to their offsprings for educations and economic support results in working longer than before.

However, most of other writings as the problem are focusing on competing each other and being forced older people to get out of their jobs..

Mr. Simon,

Please let me know what the apposite analysis is ..

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