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September 01, 2017


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1. because watching television is my favourite way to wind down after a hard day of work.
2. I watch news report and short talks, so I probably watch about one hour a day.
3. short talks about science and technology, because I can learn something new every time I watch them.
4. if children can be guided by their parens about the content and time of watching television it could be beneficial.

Good answers Suki!

1-because having watching Tv in the evenings makes me relaxed after came home from work.

2-I watch news and talent shows so I could say that I watch tv nearly 2 hours a day.

3- natural documentary and science tv shows because they develop my knowledge about universe.

4- No I dont think so. Children can learn a lot of benign things through the Tv which they can't be taught by books or any other methods in a joyful way.

Because evening programmes are most suitable for younger to learn more

Thank you Simon ! : )

1. because it's time for me to relax and release stress and tension after a hard's day work.
2. I watch News and talent shows like Master Chief and who wants to be a Millionaire, so I probably watch about 2 hours per evening.
3. News and who wants to be a Millionaire show because News show brings us up-to-date news and I can have more knowledge about society and culture through talent show.
4. But I think that TV brings more interesting things about the world to children. For example, Finding Nemo is one of cartoon film helps children recognize many kinds of sea animals easily.

1. because it's relaxing and informative.
2. i usually spend 2 hours maximum in a day watching tv programs and news.
3. i prefer watching news and documentary films because it is interesting and by watching i am also learning and i am aware of what is happening all over the world.
4. no i don't think that television is bad for children, as long as they're watching films that will benefit them and they learn from it, also children should be with adult supervision while watching television.

1. because it's a great way for relaxation after a day's work.
2. I watch news and talent documentaries, so I probably spend one hour watching TV every day.
3. I enjoy watching documentaries as I can learn more about the world, such as the wild, the nature and the various cultures in other countries.
4. Maybe too much television would be a bad thing, but I think children will learn more from television programs if they are guided by parents when watching TV.

Thank you, Simon. Kill more than two birds with one stone. I feel these structures would help me speak fluently about a lots other topics.

1. Because it is a good source of capturing some headlines news, entertainments programs, and watching sports for passing leisure time.

2. It depends on my mood, work load and especially on TV program but probably, I spent time on an average of more than half an hour regularly.

3.There are many channels having various kind of programmes on TV but, have few of them are my favorite programmes including comedy and talk shows are the most favorite because after job, sometimes it is necessary for me to get some entertainments and some social awareness.

4.Literally speaking, if children spend more time to watch TV than it might be having negative consequences. Otherwise, it is not bad if a child watch with his family.

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1. Because there are some my favorite programs in the evening and I can watch them with all my relatives after a hard-working day.

2. I watch news and films. So I probably spend one hour on television.

3. My favorite types of programs are world news and sport news because I like updating news in the country as well as in the world.

4. But I think that television brings also a lot of advantages. It helps children relax and learn a lot of things, and I think that parents should gives some advices to their children.

1. Yes, I like watching television, especially in the evening, because television programs at night have a lot of good movies as well as interesting reported movies. Beside, i have more free time in the evening.
2. On an average day, I watch news about haft hour and one movie about one and haft hours. So I probably watch about two hours.
3. My favorite programs are news items because watching news provided me a lot of information as well as update around the work.
4. Maybe too much television would be a bad thing, but I think that it a way to help the children to learn more about language or new things. So I think parents should set a time frame of television watching for the children.

1 because after a whole day's work, I finally have the time to rest and let television to ease my mind.
2 I watch CCTV News and Weather Forecast, so I probably watch about 1 hour.
3 My favourite types of programmes are CCTV News because I can get to know what happened in the world and in my country and government's attitudes towards these things.
4 but I think that a limited screen time can help children gain knowledge of the world and release their pressure on the study.

1. Because I am always free during that time to watch some English talk shows.
2. I watch some talk shows and short videos, so I probably watch about 1 and half hours per day.
3. My favorite types of programmers are talkshow and speeche because I can easily to know something authentic about the other country’s and learn more about native English.
4. If children can be guided by parents to watch some educational programs would be beneficial.

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