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September 15, 2017


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Hi Simon, Sad to hear that there was a terror attack at Manchester. Hope everything is fine with you and your family.

Today, I would like to describe an delightful day out in the countryside that I had recently. One month ago, me and my whole family went to Gapyeong where is located from one hour from where I live. This place is really close and easy to get there. When we were there, we settled down near the valley in order to relax and catch some fish there. My kids and I was trying to catch a fish for fun and did little bit of swimming there. After that, we had a babecue. I like this place for several reasons. First of all, this place is not far from where I live. And the place is full of trees around so I can feel I am in nature. Lastly, this area is so cosy and peaceful. If I have chance to go there, I love to visit there again soon.

Hi Simon .
good day
How are you ? everything is ok ?
look , me and my brother Asad we would to tell that we are going to the national park in this morning it's located on the high way road at dammam in Saudi Arabia and when we have arrived we met our friend Ahmad from Pakistan .
at the mid of the day we start to make our lunch Barbque chicken with that amazing hot sauce!!
i took too many beautiful pictures on my camera " i will post it on instagram like old days " .

when we finish our lunch we start clean the place and make it clean again because we make it miserable and took what we want and go to home.

it was good day , we hope you are with us .

thank you

Hi, Simon, good day.

I would answer like following:

Now I am going to talk about one day that I have spent in the countryside on May. In fact, it was one step of my Camino de Santiago, a well-known pilgrimage path. This day, my boyfriend and I set out at 8 am as planned. At the very beginning, we felt so delighted as the sunshine was bright and the sky blue. Even with a bag of 9 kg on the back for each of us, we didn't feel tired. We said goodbye to the small city where we had been the night before, then we went directly to the forest. After 2 hours' crossing the forest, we arrived at a small village. That village was very clean and there were lots of villas and gardens. My boyfriend and I became a bit tired then, so we decided to rest a bit in the village. We sat down on the roadside and drank water. Suddenly, the black cloud was coming to our direction. Oh my god, it seemed that it was going to rain. We quickly took out the raincoats and put them on. We needed to find a cafe or a restaurant before the rain became too heavy. Unfortunately, according to the info on the map, there was no cafe in the village. Well, what could we do? After a brief discussion, we were determined to continue our road. Then wind was blowing and the cloud was gathering, we were so anxious as it was dangerous to walk under the rain. After 2 or 3 kilometers, a cafe appeared. We ran to the cafe rapidly. There we met other guys of the Camino. The rain began just a few minutes after our arrival at the cafe.
We were so happy that day, because we firstly experienced the fear to be beaten by the rain. Then we were determined to continue even the wind blew. With our efforts, we found a safe place to stay at last.

- where you went on this day out
- who you were with
- what you did
- and explain why you enjoyed the day
Hi, Simon
This is my answer.
· I`m going to talk about one day I went to a countryside in last winter.
· It was a countryside near to my city, where some relatives were living there. My grandma missed her brother so much, so she proposed that all the family should pay a visit to him. After the Spring Festival, we drove cars to the village, which took about 2 hours to go there. almost the family gathered together in the warm house to have close chats with each other.
· Young people played card together, and the host with the help of other people prepared a delicious dinner to treat us. I still remember that the snow was falling heavily, we were so excited about going out and playing on the ice over the river.
· Well, it was still a very important period that Chinese people value reunion of family. That was an unforgettable day.

Hi simon! This was exactly my question in the 2nd part of my speaking test last april 29. It turned out well! My passion in travelling contributed alot to generate ideas. 😇

Hi Simon!
This is my answer.

Last month I went to the countryside with my friends at university, we went to a friend's house in the group. It's about 80 km far from the city and we went there by motorbikes. It was the rambutan season at that time and my friend, he has a very beautiful rambutan garden around his house. On the road to his house, we went through some charming villages, rubber and coffee forests, we felt very peaceful and quiet. We could breathe the fresh air. It took us 2,5 hours to go there.

When we arrived his house, he introduced us to his family and they told us some funny stories about their culture, history and their garden. Then, we went to the market to buy a few things. In the afternoon, we cooked together and we had lunch.
After that we gathered some fruits in the garden like rambutan, plum.. in the garden and played some games. Then, we organised a small birthday party for 3 of us in our group. Then we had dinner on the road and we returned to the city. It was not also enjoyable but also a very meaningful day.

Thank you

Hello Simon,


Please assist me, as I am interested to buy your online ebook but I could not purchase it due to postcode issue. I have even emailed you about this but in vain.

Thank you

I am going to talk about one day I went to my hometown to visit my grandma with my parents during the mid-autumn festival. It’s a lovely small village and peaceful. I can breathe the fresh air that I virtually enjoy in the big cities.
I haven’t seen my grandma for roughly two years since I went to college. I missed her so bad. We basically just cooked dinner that night together. Later, we were sitting next to each other in the yard watching the full moon and having mooncake. That was a totally unforgettable and delightful day. We share something about what happened rencently ang talked about the childhood of mine. It just reminded me of how it’s sweetful of my childhood. I memorized clearly something happened to me when I was with my grandma. I used to spend a few day with my grandma in the summer time.
Anyway, I am so glad that I can spend the day with my family.
Since mid-autumn festival has special meaning for us Chinese people. Now I am going to work so that I barely have a chance to share the time with my family.

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