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September 28, 2017


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I want to get 7-7.5 through 2 months' training. It will definitely be a tough task I know.

I plan to read passive of passgages and band 8-9 compositions to have a intimate knowledge of the test's reading style, and to cultivate sense of writing as well during the National Holiday.Then, it might as well for me try some simulation writings.

It is been a long time for me to type something in English after my College English Test 2 years ago, so obviously this text seems lame and jerky.

While I am a new hand before IELTS and know little about it, I am going for it and taking an active part in preparation.

Good Luck To Me!

Does it make any difference if I write 6 or six ( in words )
Can the number of stages/steps be different ?would it be considered a mistake?

Dear Simon Sir
Dear Simon Sir
I have been asked to my conscience, Simon is the best. I have a file in my computer which carries only yours document.
Why this writing is outstanding:
1. Main stages in the life cycle( if I wrote, I used- main stages of the life cycle)
2. It takes between three and eight days( I wrote at least 30 essays but nowhere I use this phrase)
3. The silk thread that makes up the cocoon
4. The larvae become covered in silk thread( I often make a mistake whether it will be cover or covered)
5. Boiling unwinds the silk thread

Hi Simon.

Your paragraphs are very simple and well organized with three sentences in each paragraph as usual. You did not describe all informations in these diagrams, however you spotted main stages clearly.

Thank you for presenting your amazing essay,

It is really a wow style of writing Simon.

Hello all,

May I ask a question about the article used in Mr. Simon's essay?
"There are four main stages in the life cycle of the silkworm" (1) and "At the first stage in the life cycle of a silkworm" (2).
Why Mr. Simon used "the silkworm" in (1) but "a silkworm" in (2)?

Good Morning Simon. This is dr.Kudrat and I have one question regarding the usage of transitions. Today I got a chance to write a task from the Cambridge book volume 12 test 8 task 1 about Geothermal Energy.
The answer was written by a student who got band 6 and the examiner mentioned some mistakes and other errors among them one was about the usage of words: firstly, secondly, thirdly, finally.
According to to the examiner higher band could have been achieved by using these words at different positions rather than always using them at the beginning of each sentence.
I do the same after looking at your sample answers on different topics, for example, LIFECYCLES(silkworm), Flowcharts, etc.
Please give your kind advice.

Hey simon
is it correct to say(the moth lays its eggs on the underside of a leaf

Dear Simmon,
It take 16 days for the cocoon becoming the adult moth. I wonder why you dont put this information into your essay. Isn't it important?
I'll be very happy to receive your answer. Thanks :)

I need 7 or 7.5 band in all the four modules could you plz help me to achieve a decent band score within one month

The diagram shows the life cycle of silkworm and how silk cloth are manaturtured. Silkworm starts it's life from egg to moth and silk cloth has six stages.
First of all, when the eggs are hatch the larva are feed the mulberry leaves for 4 to 6 weeks. With the increase in their size they began to round themselves by silk thread. And within 3 to 8 days they are covered by cocoon. They take 16 days to come out of cocoon to be month and finally a silkworm.
For the production of silkworm, cocoon are boiled in hot water, then they are unwind from 300 to 900 meter of silk thread are twisted. Finally, they get dyed and weaved as designers way. c

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