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September 27, 2017


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Many many thanks, Simon. I really appreciate all your help. You really provide learners here with a lot of informative information. Thanks so much Simon. Your essays are always great and helpful, especially for those who lack ideas.

"...that the benefits do outweigh the drawbacks."
I thought we cannot steal phrases from the question.

hello simon
can i use "classical" instead of "very traditional "

WHAT DOES "state control" MEAN?

Hi Simon, thank you very much for the sample essay. But I'm confused the logic here: "For example, petty criminals like shoplifters and pickpockets are less likely to operate in parts of cities where they know that they are being watched." Being watched by who? The people or the cameras?? Do the author means that the criminals will be easily captured by the video cameras? It seems like a broken sentence with disconnected logic chain with the following sentence.
Could you please help me to make it out? Thank you in advance.

state control means the action of authority, for example, imported tax is considered as one of the form of state control, because it helps to limit certain products.

@WANG Xinyl
The sentence of Simon is absolutely clear and logical, because what we want to emphasize at here is shoplifters and pickpockets.

Hi Simon, can you answer this for me please? I'm so confused. I have read one sample writing in New Insight Into IELTS book of Cambridge University Press.

The question is: In some cultures the parents arrange marriages for their children but in others people choose their own marriage partner. What are advantages and disadvantages of each system?

There is nothing relating to "giving your opinion" mentioned in the question but in the sample they do give personal opinions using phrases like "in my view...". Is it appropriate?

Should we give opinion in the questions like this? Thanks so much.

I have a question about use of might and may .may shows something that is a possibility (critics may see this )
Might is the past of may and shows hypothetical conditions ( people might disapprove of )
Would it be correct to say why people may disapprove of? Are there any rules about it ?

The Oxford dictionary says: "the two words are generally interchangeable".

"But there is a distinction between may have and might have in certain contexts.

If the event or situation referred to did not in fact occur, it's better to use might have."

Hello Simon! I just want to extend my heartfelt gratitude to you for being my source of inspiration and advice for me to get the band score that I need. I entirely relied on your materials and surrender everything else to God. It did work!  God bless you! Thank you so much!!!

Thanks Wanda

No problem Jenny. I'm glad it worked!

Hi Simon, thanks for the example. I feel that my writing skill improved a lot after reading this section.

However, I'd like to ask about the question and response. The question tag was "Do the benefits of increased security outweigh the drawbacks?" another question was "What consequences could this style of parenting have for children as they get older?". I spotted that it considered as "opinion essay" since you used "I believe" and "In my opinion"...? I thought those were discussion essay, and I once told that unless it stated on the question about giving your background/opinion, it's not recommended using "I" in discussion and disadvantages/advantages essay (?) or did I get it wrong?

Thank you before, Simon

Hi Simon! Thanks for your course of writing parts in IELTS Test. I have learnt a lot by the video cause, and I am confident to write the introduction and conclusion part of the essay.
But I'm still lack of ability to write a good main body paragraphs,the difficult part. I don't know how to use the vocabulary and phrases like you skillfully, and how to use your 24 topic contents, is that a good try to recite all the 24 topic content? Are there any other measures to accurate the IELTS Writing vocabulary or ideas?


I can see that this essay is slightly over the word limit (250 words). Is it acceptable? What are the parameters for the word count?


There's no maximum word count Liz. 250 is the minimum, not the maximum.

Dear Simon
I have a question regarding the use of personal opinions in this answer. Even though the question does not ask for the writers opinion, is it ok to include it anyway?
Thank you very much

Dear Simon,
I am very confused because most of your essay contains personal opinions such as I think, I agree,... But according to what I've learned, we have to avoid using those personal ideas in the IELTS essay

Is it OK to include "I" in the essay?

Hi Simon, what is the meaning of "in the sense that..." ?

I like your site very much..

Sorry for necroing this thread, but the question is do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. I'm really confuse with the first paragraph because what you did was giving "the reason" but not "the drawbacks"

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