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October 31, 2017


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Thanks alot Simon. This would be a very useful practice indeed.

hi everyone
if somebody Is aiming at 7, 7.5(academic)in speaking and wants serious speaking practice pls email me at saba06369@gmail.com

at saba09363@gmail.com

pls use 2nd email when u intend to contact.


I really appreciate your website.i could get band 7 in writing.1.5 promotion.thanks a lot.

Congratulations Mehdi!

what should I listen to practice I find listening ted talk easy as its readily available and can download for repeat listening does that help in improving listening part?

Today I got my scores i got w=6.5, listening 6.5,reading 7 and speaking 7.5 overall 7. I need to get 7.5 overall and not less then7 in each. Please give suggestions and tell how to improve my each skill

Hy I gave tst of ilets thn I got only 5.5 score in reading but can u tell me how can I increase my score which I needed as much as possible please suggeste as I want to get 7 band I'm reading.

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