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October 20, 2017


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"I think there are some clear advantages to living in the countryside"

Is it "live" that should be used here instead of "living"? I'm confused.

Appreciate it if you can explain.


"to living" is correct in this situation, even though it might seem strange to you.

Here's an explanation:


Hi dear Simon
Today I had speaking test and unfortunately it was compeletly different from what I had practiced before. I feel every thing has changed considerebly. Warm up was like part 3.and qcard was so dofficult unlike all 200 one I had memorized before😢😭😭😢

Hi Simon,
"The reason for this is that countryside areas close to Manchester tend to be protected, AND SO construction is not allowed. "

I'm wondering is there any difference if we just use "SO" instead of "AND SO".

Dear Simon ,
I have improved my English greatly,how can i donate to you?


Yes, you could just use "so", and the meaning would be the same.



That's a kind offer. I don't have a donation system, but you're welcome to buy my ebook :)

Please in my speaking tests part2 ,the card was about businesses person and I talked about famous heart surgeon..is that wrong and I will get low score? 😢😢

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