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November 17, 2017


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Please, Sir. Could you please tell us whether the essay you're writing is for general training or academic. Because I'm really in a maze because of this.

Hi Simon!
I was wondering how this structure works?
Shot him dead.
Hammered it flat.
Left the door open.

Are they kind of predicative adjective, modifying the object of the transitive linking words?!


There is no difference between the way General and Academic essay are written and marked.


This is not a 'structure'. These are just sentences that are missing the subject, which would usually be 'I'.


Best to view these phrases as idiomatic; phrases like "I find it strange" are more useful in IELTS.


I wonder if I can talk about collecting shells on the beach when I am asked to describe an activity near the water in speaking part 2. I have read some examples which are all about sport activities near the water, but I have not played any sport games near the water. I do swim, but I have no idea if it is appropriate for this question.
Hope you can give me some advice, thank you so much.


That would be absolutely fine. There is no task response score in the speaking test so examiners don’t penalise you unless you go very far off topic.

hello Simon, with regard to the answer of the first question
should I say, I fed up (with) or (of)?

hi simon
we are really appreciate your help . thanx u so much

Hi Simon!

I had similar questions on 24th of November 2017 in Ielts speaking section. Thank you!

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