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November 10, 2017


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Hi Simon, What are the answers for multiple choice reading questions.

1) Yes,i like when it rains.Because it makes the weather awesome.when the drops of rain falls on the grass that time is seems to me that pearls are in front of my eye.
2) yes definitely,rain changes the mood of a person convincingly. Along with this, it rejuvenates the person! Because the breathtaking view of rain falling is stupendous.
3) no, it does not rain in my area. Due to global warming, a sea change in the temperature and timing of season can be seen. therefore,rains fall in uncommon situations.
4)yes,a number of times. undoubtedly,weather forcasting is unpredictable. During my school days,i have been caught in rain. although,i got wet in rain but I loved to do.

Please reply Simon how many mistakes are there?

This is my answer. I hope that everybody could stare at my answer to share something useful for all of us.

Thank you all very much.

1. Yes, I love rain because whenever a shower falls, I can listen to the raindrops pattering against the tiled roof of my house and this sound really makes me feel refreshed.

2. I'd have to say that rain maybe brings various emotions to each individual person. For me, a medical student leaving my family behind to study at university usually get a feeling of homesickness whenever it pours down with rain.

3. My hometown in which I live is a sunny area in Vietnam. As a matter of fact, We just see drops of rain during the spring and the summer when the typhoon comes.

4. Yes, actually I've got caught in the rain several times so far as I got nothing to cover me at that time. And I always try to seek shelter from the rain because I don't want to catch a cold.


Here are something that I think is useful for u.

1. drops of rain FALL....time SEEMS to me...MY EYES.

2. the breathtaking view of rain falling is stupendous.
I think " falling" here is incorrect, and stupendous maybe a little bit unnatural.
I'd rather use "charming" instead.



Hopefully, we get help from other learners so we could improve more!


1. No, I don't love rain at all. It is soaking-wet and I hate being caught in rain, especially when I ride motorbike and most rains in Vietnam are associated with winds.

2. Yes, definitely. People say environment affects mood and I am with this. For me, I leave far away from my hometown and my parents, so I really feel homesick when it rains.

3. Yes, it does. Vietnam has high rainfall rate, but there isn't often sudden rains as the climate separate clearly into two seasons in two halves of the year, raining season and dry season. And it almost rains daily in the raining season.

4. Yes, I have been caught in rain a few times and they weren't a great experience at all. Most recently, I was about to leave my office after a late working day. On the way back home, a downpour came in so suddenly that I had no time to put in a raincoat if I had ever brought it. As a result, I was soaking-wet riding home.

Just realized I made two grammar mistakes in the answer 3.

1.Yes I like rain. This is because whenever it rains, the weather tends to be cooler and makes sleep more enjoyable.
2. Yes I do believe that rain influence's people attitude. whenever it rains the stress level is reduced and people tend to be calmer and happier.
3.it does not rain often in Lagos where I live, however during the wet season, the rain can go up to 8days unstop.
4. I have severally been caught up in rain without a coat or an umbrella. The most recent experience happened when I was heading to the office just last week and stood at the bus stop waiting for a cab, suddenly the cloud began to gather momentum then after few seconds it started raining and i was beaten heavily.

Dear Simon,

I am writing to ask for your permission to use some of your ideas and model essays for my personal WeChat subscription account. The posts using the above will certainly include reference to your website and introduction of you.

I am one of the loyal visitors to your IELTS blog. I found this site and started visiting it in 2012. Your advice and articles have been of great help for my IELTS study and teaching. Yup, I returned back to work as an IELTS teacher a few months ago after several years of being a full-time Mum for two.

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I don't like the rain day, when it is dropping on my face let me feel sticky , mouldy. and itch.

yes, the most of people are in bad mood or emotional ,seems their temper affects by weather. compare with the old saying: the woman temper like the weather.

it is quite often raining like a dog and cat in the afternoon at the place I live

I am not only experienced with bad forecast often, but also has been coughing in thundered,but no rain fell.

extra question , where I live?

corrective one:
I don't like the rainy day, when it is dropping on my face, let me feel sticky, mouldy. and itchy.
yes, the most of people are in a bad mood or emotions, seems their temper affects of weather. compare with the old saying: the woman's temper like the weather.
it is quite often raining like a dog and a cat in the afternoon at the place I live
I am not only experienced with a bad forecast often, but also has been coughing in thundered, but no rain fell.

I love the drizzle because I can watch the wild species are dancing in the rain
I am not sure everyone 's emotions will affect of weather, but I am the one of moody if the rain suddenly pours down.
Taichung, my city only rain in summer.
once I didn't bring any coat or umbrella when I was walking in the pedestrian crossing, after a heavy rain, I saw the picturesque of the giant rainbow hang in the sky.

1. I do like rain. there is no specific reason for me to like it but I always feel linked with it.
2. Yes, off course. when it rains some people will be feeling very low whereas the other might think ohh this is the time you have to enjoy with a cuppa or a bunch of snacks. its always depend on people thought how they want it to be.
3. yes very often. We usually get it on summer time but you know weather is unpredictable.
4. Yes, to be frank sometimes I do that intentionally, going out without umbrella coz I love rain. Only problem I got with this action is fever

Hi Simon, I am new to this blog.
Could you please correct this?


OMG,I just noticed that I had the exact same topic in yesterday's IELTS. I wish I had read it.

Hi Rachel,

Thanks for asking. Could you email me about that? ieltssimon@gmail.com

1. Yes, definitely. I do like rain because it makes trees and flowers become fresher and more developed.
2. Yes, of course. Rain has a great influence on people's feeling.Most of them feel sad when it
3. No, not at all. In my neighbourhood, it usually rains in Winter and Spring. Specially, there is a lot of rains in Winter. It can cause flood, too.
4. Sure. I hate wearing raincoat, so I rarely take it when I go outside. Therefore, I am usually wet every when it rains.

Hi Simon,

May I rewrite those sentences by this way:

1. Yes, definitely. I like the moment when it is rainning. Because the weather is awesome at that time.
2. It is said that our mood is affected by surroundings and it is completely true with me.
3. After a few second of raining, I was really soaked.
4. Taichung, where I am living, raining during the summer time.
5. I feel sticky on the rainy days, because rainy tears sometimes drops on my face.
6. I sometimes forget bringing an umbrella or a coat while I am outside, so I am totally soaked then.

Yes, its very helpful fr fresheners which they dont knw what they are
speaking .

Yes I like rainy days but it depends on weather like in winter I don't want rainfall because weather is freezing in this session and when there is rainfall it become more forestry however in summer I love rainfall because where I live sun is to strong in summer and whenever there is rainfall people get a little bit relieve from scorching heat.

Yes defiantly rain affect human s behaviour but
it varied according to age . For instance , children love rainfall because they like to play in rain moreover people who are workaholic they don't like rain because they are not able to go outside for their work due to rain.
I live in plane area of my nation and according to me there is too rainfall because himalaya
Mountain is also located near to my home town and when monsoon enter and go from my country these conflict with mountain and there is rain in my home town.

Yes of course so many times I Stuck in rain when I don't have umbrella and raincoat because now days weather become too unpredictable because of global warming, deforestation so on .

Yes ,I quite like rain.

Yes,I quite like rain.rain makes weather awesome.we get releaf from scorching heat.our surrounding become neat clean and clear.it give a pleasant view.i enjoy this moment split tea with my family members.

Pls help me out ..remove my eror

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