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November 24, 2017


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Dear Simon,

I'm writing to thank you for all your great lessons, tips and sample essays. Your website has been my browser's home page for the past several months and I have been continually following your daily posts.

Thanks to your e-book and video lessons, I managed to get an overall score of 8 with a 9 for reading and 7 for writing. Were it for your helpful posts, I would not have been able to get this score and pursue my goals for emigration.

Thank you very much and keep up the great work.


what: theatre -wei wu ying

it is located at Kaohsiung city where is south of Taiwan
whom/ who :
two brand - Wei Wu Ying Arts festival for adults and young
wei wu ying children's festival for the kids
why :for artists -
performing for the arts
the artists need the stage to act

for citizens-
leisure / amusement / vogue

for city government -
increased tax venues

Hi, Simon.

I have a question like bad grammar but good idea and bad idea but good grammar, which one is better to get a high score?

Tell us something about reading. How u became to got a good score in reading ? Some tips and techniques.

Hi Simon,

Below is my sample response, Can you please provide some comments saying how it is or how better it could be improved? Thank you...

Describe a place of entertainment (e.g. theatre, cinema, sports center) that you would like to have where you live. You should say

- what this place would be
- where it should be
- whom it would be for, or who would use it
- and why you think this place of entertainment is needed

- I am going to talk about my greatest fantasy living next to sports center where I would see my inspiration, badminton player Saina Nehwal. If I would have the chance I would let it stay in the heart of the city, Mumbai to cheer and motivate many others normal individual who are great fans of her as well. Mainly, the people in my country, especially the area I live in are quite fond of badminton players since the beginning, therefore the local community would greatly benefit from this considering they do not get the opportunity to actually go and visit the sports center which are far or where entrance pass is expensive.
Also, when there is no match happening on that center within those great professionals, I would let our colony badminton team use it and improve their skills as currently, they do not have anything to play. If the youth club wants to play their badminton game, they would have to visit far playground and practice their skills. Definitely, if it would be in my hands, I would love to see these happening in real life as I always giving back to the community.


Are you talking about the speaking test, or the writing test?

is there any whatsapp group related to IELTS exam? If yes, I would be appreciate to add me .

Well, since you asked me to describe a place of entertainment I’d like to have where we live, I’m going to talk a bout my dream of a public park where most people in our place can enjoy.

As we’re living in an inner-city of a congested tourist city, Vung Tau, where fossil fuel emission from vehicles is of the great causes of air pollution and greenhouse effects. Additionally, we mostly live in high-rise buildings, therefore people are really needing more green area to relax; and this park, along with its assessories, can be a great choice. In fact, there’s an empty land of approximately 2 arces at the edge of the town close to our appartments, which belongs to the local council and it’s just within a walking distance from our flats. So, it’s will be an ideal land for this idea.

This part, once developed, will become common place not only for children but also for adults and elderly people. While the kids can enjoy the outdoor activities after schooling hours, the adults and the elderly can go jogging or walking in the early more and relax in the fresh air.

There is an important reason why I’m so interested in having this place. It’s because our city is lacking green part of it and the kids need to participate more outdoor activities in order to get rid of the computers and other electronic devices as they’ve got enough at schools. And I’m sure this place can significantly help improve people’s health.

Hi sjm,

I means both test.

In the speaking test, grammar is more important than ideas, because you are not judged on the quality of your ideas. In the essay, I would say your ideas are a bit more important, because your ideas will contribute to more parts of the score, such as your Coherence, Task Response and every your vocabulary score.

Im expecting new instruction from Simon for this topic.

Anybody have a Simon e-book and videos
Send me my email, hgswami111@gmail.com

Dear simon.
I got ielts scor 6,but i need 7 in every modules. I cannot identify my problem specialy in writing and reading section.can u please suggests me ,what way i should follow to improve my score. What is the method to get 7 band score in every section.

since you ask me a place of entertainment that I would like to have, I would really like to have a sports center in my vicinity. As I am now living in the downtown area, it is really hard for us to have an easy access to sports facility where we could maintain our physical fitness. Although we have some fitness clubs in the very center of downtown area, they are mostly expensive and subtle to reach that places especially in this heavy traffic congestion. So, I just thought that it would be really nice to have some sports and entertainment club in my neighborhood..for example...the best place should be in the corner of our street because there is a hospital with a wide compound wherein a lot of trees are grown to make the nice environment. ..So this would be the best place for the sports centre to be situated. while you are playing or practicing your sports skills, you could also enjoy fresh air, get entertained and relax at the same time by looking at the green, nature, noise-free atmosphere and open field. I think., by even looking at this green color of that view could reduce your stress, forget about your hectic and odd things during the day. This sports centre would really motivate to do some physical exercises and enhance us practice productive skills. This place should be mainly for families and people around in this area so that people in that community can come together, spend their time by playing some sport together or doing exercise.That is why I think this place would be important in my area in terms of entertainment and social gathering.

@marium you don't mention what you have done so far to prepare. Have you tried preparing with an experienced tutor? This would be the first step as he or she could pinpoint where your weaknesses are.

Hi Simon,
I´m going to tell you about my desire for having a library in my country village. Even though we have one, it´s in the center of the town where is too far for anyone living in the rest of my district. Therefore, the number of readers is´nt really remarkable. In my opinion, if every village has its own library, this number can increase very well. The inhabitants can come there and read anything they want, at anytime they are free. The library can be an ideal place for them relaxing after hard working. On the other hand, reading can make people in a poor countryside as mine more knowledgeable, more up-to-date.A library for every village is realizable and not costly so I hope my village council will make my desire come true one day.

Well, I would like to have a sports centre in my village. My village is a poor place, far from the city centre. If there is a sports centre, everyone, especially young people will have a space to exercise. It helps them to stay in shape and become healthier. Nowadays, people are increasingly becoming sedentary, which is very harmful to their health. In addition, they have to a lot of things to do every morning. They do not have time to go jogging or do morning exercises. The sports centre is a very convenient for them to come. They can get there after work. Doing exercise not only improve their health but also help them relax. They can make friends there as well.

Describe a place of entertainment (e.g. theatre, cinema, sports centre) that you would like to have where you live. You should say

- what this place would be
- where it should be
- whom it would be for, or who would use it
- and why you think this place of entertainment is needed

Well, a place of entertainment that I'd like to have where I live is "sports centre". In my town, It is easy to find exercise places like a gym but I don't think it's sports centre. It is place where people can experience many kinds of sports such as swimming pool, climbing, indoor football, and badminton and so on. The reason why I think that it is needed is because it's more exciting than just workout in gym. these days, people need work out because most have sedentary jobs so when they try to exercise but are not interested in that kinds of gyms and feel bother. Probably if it constructs these facility, the proportion of people who work out will rise! To be honest, for me, I don't like gym because it's boring and I want to do more active sports but there is nothing nearby my place. So this is the reason why.
Moving on to where it should be, well, the best place is in the just next to station. Why I say this is that it is conveniently located and encourages people exercise. Before they are back home, go to sports centre directly! It doesn't matter who can use it. All kinds of people can go there from kids to elder people. Anyone who want to do some activities can enjoy it. Therefore, I hope to build sports centre in my town.

How can i get your e-book sir please send me link

Dear simon.
I got ielts score 5,but i need 6 or 6.5 in every modules. I cannot identify my problem specialy in writing and reading section.can u please suggests me ,what way i should follow to improve my score. What is the method to get 7 band score in every section.

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