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November 23, 2017


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I wonder about this situation. When I finish writing my essay and look at the model answer, i see that there is differences between my method and the method is written in model answer. Is it ok?

Also, I often stuck in overview, then I realised that time is over. Is it ok to jump the overveiw?

Take the overview to the end*

Haha writing the overview in the last 5 mintues






@thanks KHe

Hello simon
Could you please see if i write the overview in appropriate way.


My overview
The table illustrates various issues that pupils faced in two primary schools in 2005 and 2015.

Overview we can say that the proportion of children who faced problems in school A was a far higher than children in School B. Furthermore, school A had seen a considerable rise in 2005!and2015


"Overview Overall we can say that the proportion ...."

Simon's model answer makes the point that, even though overall School A is worse, the general situation there got better, whereas in School B the situation if anything got worse.

I wonder whether it is possible to use past tense rather than present simple tense in this task?



Hi Simon,
I will take my exam 2 weeks later and I have a big issue about task 1. I cant shorten it. I want to mention everything and it becomes very long obviously. I want to learn if there is any method to decide which information I can avoid to write and how I can choose the date. also is it fine to only write about some data and put the others out?

thanks for your help from now


Task achievement Band 5 = "recounts detail mechanically with no clear overview; there may be no data to support the description"

Band 6 = "presents an overview with information appropriately selected"

Band 7 = "presents a clear overview of main trends, differences or stages"




And read the comments too in:


Hi Simon,

I got a question on verb tenses. The waste chart shows the figures of 2004, right? So why the past tense is not used here in sample sentences?

Thank you!

Hi April,

The question doesn't state that the figures were for 2004. I think you just noticed the small print on the original graph where it said "source" - this tells you when the data was published, but we can ignore that.

If they want you to use the past in the real test, the year(s) will be clearly mentioned in the question. If no time is mentioned in the question, we have to assume that the percentages on the chart represent what happens every year - therefore, use the present tense.

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