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November 01, 2017


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Hi Simon!

This essay is a two-part question?

Should wealthy nations be required to share their wealth among poorer
nations by providing such things as food and education? Or is it the
responsibility of the governments of poorer nations to look after their
citizens themselves?

It seems to be an opinion essay.


Dear Sir,
I have been living in Dhaka city for ten years. I am writing this letter to work as a volunteer in the next sports occasion, held in this city.
First of all, I love to sport a lot. When I was younger never missed any event of this sport so that I would like to participate in this occasion as a volunteer because I will be happy if I could be a part of it.
As far as I know that all aged people will be taking part in this game so I will take care aged people and especially children because they are weak than adults. Moreover, I will distribute fresh water to players since that will a summer period.
However, speech that had given by mayor was very long in the last sports event, I hope it will shorten this occasion. Furthermore, if it is possible to organize a cultural program after the sport in the evening, it will make people happier than ever.
I looking forward to your quick response
Yours faithfully

To some extent, it is true that citizens do not dispose of their garbage properly. It is believed by some that only solution is to pass a law to abide people to recycle their waste to increase recycling. However, in my opinion, this is not the only solution. Creating awareness of recycling will add up the impact of recycling legislation.
If the government implements a law for recycling based on the views of people, would citizens follow this law? Mostly, in recent practices, it has been seen that when any law is imposed, people try to manipulate and twist it. These laws are in fact for the betterment of society, but most people do not want to follow them. For instance, there are laws for a drink and drive, and only certain amount of alcohol is allowed, but we have witnessed many accidents due to excessive consumption of alcohol. Also, the government has set an age limit to purchase alcohol, but youngsters do not follow this law. This malpractice of not following laws is indicating that imposing law is not the only solution for a problem.
One the contrary, I believe that there are several other methods to increase recycling habit among citizens. First and foremost, education about recycling is the main solution. The government can allocate a small percentage of the budget for advertisement in the newspaper and on television. People will learn from these strategies, and this method can promote waste recycling habits among citizens. In addition, the government can provide recycling bins with proper labeling for each household. This will not only cater recycling habit but will also educate them about appropriate disposal of household waste.
In conclusion, I believe that government can approve law regarding waste recycling, but at the same time, proper education and allocation of budget for promoting advertisement campaign would create more awareness.


Simon: "Your score will immediately drop if you don't separate paragraphs clearly. My advice: leave a full line between paragraphs."







is indicating -> suggests







Hi Simon,

Is it ok to use ''in this essay I'm going to explain...' for introduction ?

Thanks in advance


Thank you for the suggestion. Beside paragraphing, any other comments you would like to share.


@ Asad



Q: Some people think that the only purpose of working hard is to earn money. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion.

There are some people who consider that the only intension of working strong is to gain money. While I agree that people work hard for earn money, I believe that it is not the only motive.

On the one hand, Money is the 1st priority for every human being to live a wealthy life. So each person have the only intention to working hard for earn money,because without hard work it's not possible to gain money. For example, if a man is the only income holder in a house and he have wife and children , it is very common that he take all the responsibility for his family. Therefore, he work hard for gain money.
On the other hand, there are some people in every society, they love to live in a ordinary life, also love to working hard. Moreover, they respect their duty and it is important to everyone that love and respect their work. Most of the people take their work as a responsibility and give their best to institution, but it is not for gain money. Sometimes, most of them rewarded for best performance and it's the another reason for hard work.
In conclusion, it is my opinion that intension is not the main think but working hard is most important for whole people and society. By heavy work one person can gain more money and live a healthy and respectful life.

(Sir, it is my very first eassy for writing task 2. Can you please check this and confirm me which brand deserve it and what was the mistake?)

@ Rubaiya

Some grammar issues:
"each person have"
"he have wife"
"he take"
"he work"
"love to working"
"most of them rewarded"

"working strong" -> toil away
"income earner .." -> income earner in a household

Check back on Simon's task 2 advice by clicking on left-hand sidebar as needed.


each persons have
he has wife
he takes
he works
love to work
most of them rewarded -> can't recognize

Thanks for your great suggestions. I will follow the advice




Many governments think that economic progress is their most important goal. Some people however think that other types of progress are equally important for a country. Discuss both views and give opinion.

It is often believed that the most important aim of government is economic advancement and progress. However, other people think that there are more important factors. I believe that although economic progress is relevant, other factors such as infrastructural development in areas of health and education is more important. This essay will discuss both views and reiterate my opinion.

Admittedly, economic advancement of a nation will provide some certain benefits to it's citizens such as provision of job opportunities. In a booming economy, there will be various avenues for job seekers to gain meaningful employment and this will contribute considerably to the standard of living of citizens. For example, a recent study contucted showed a strong relationship between economic growth and improvement in standard of living. However, I disagree with this opinion because economy is dynamic and can become unstable over time thereby endangering the jobs of people who depend on it to survive.

On the other hand, other dorms of progress particularly in areas of health and education are more far reaching. This is because, education is a sustainable and stable investment that hardly is affected by economic instability. Educated citizens can bring about technological and scientific advancements to a country which will benefit it in the long run. Furthermore, investment in health sector will bring about a healthy population with improved life expectancy.
In conclusion, although economic progress is an important aspect of a nation's development, I believe that government officials should focus more on education and health as this would prove to be more significant in the long run.

Anyone here taking the ielts test ( academic) on November 11 in New Zealand ?

hi,sir i have an problem in writing task2,actually
i have some idea but i can't expend that idea so because of this i have not completed my writing of 280 word.If possible can you give your advise to me ,please.

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