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January 09, 2018


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Hi Simon,

Recently, I am trying to transcript video for English learners such as Ted Talk or CNN Student News. I sometimes feel discourage to go to the end of the video when I missed the whole sentence, and I cannot follow what they are talking about then.

Please give me some advises about this as I have not made the full transcript from the date I started (one month).

Thank you a lot!

Thank you Simon. You are a great teacher. It feel great when I can see someone has tried to help learners here for FREE.
God Bless You!

Hi Simons,
I intend to buy some books of IELTS for study. I'm an IELTS beginner at immediated level so can you suggest me some books to learn first ?

hi Simon,
I think it's really a good way to improve my listening English by transcribing the video! Do you have any ideal video/website to recommend?
Much appreciated!

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