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March 18, 2018


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Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing this letter on behalf of Mr. John Peaks who is a Chartered Accountant and a work colleague of mine. We have worked in the same accounting firm for the past decade, and the two of us have had a very professional working relationship since we were teamed up together, in 2008.

Mr. Peaks has been an accountant for 20 years. He has a Master’s in Accounting and Business from UBC, in Vancouver, and I feel he is the perfect person to manage your new branch office. His professionalism, repertoire, and good business sense are just a few of the skills that he can offer your firm. His experience also speaks for itself. He has been a loyal employee for the two firms that he has been employed by over the past 20 years with all of his clients reporting that his level of competence in the field of accounting is bar none.

I am recommending Mr. Peaks for this position, because after our meeting last week, regarding your request for some help in finding the right person for this job, I thought of him. I think he can fill the shoes that you are looking for. He has the experience and knowledge to lead your newly-opening branch team. His reputation is unwavering, and the respect his clients and coworkers have for him is unquestionably very positive. I highly recommend him for this position.

Thank you very much for your consideration.
Mr. Thomas Bradshaw


Some minor points:

1) "repertoire" is mostly used in a musical context. If used to mean a set of skills, then it cannot be one of "just a few of the skills that he can offer your firm." I did wonder whether you meant "ability to build rapport with clients and staff alike".

2) "As reported by Oxford Handbook of Commercial Correspondence:

If the letter begins with Dear Sir, Dear Sirs, Dear Madam, or Dear Sir/Madam, the complimentary close should be "Yours faithfully".

If the letter begins with a personal name, e.g. Dear Mr James, Dear Mrs Robinson, or Dear Ms Jasmin, it should be "Yours sincerely".

A letter to someone you know well may close with the more informal "Best wishes".

Note that the Americans tend to close even formal letters with Yours truly or Truly yours, which is unusual in the UK in commercial correspondence."

So the opening here should be either: Dear Sir/Madam
or (in references and testimonials): To whom it may concern
and closing: Yours faithfully

In English, "Dear Sir or Madam" might suggest that someone is unsure of the addressee's gender orientation. Also be aware that "Madame" (with an "e") might suggest a brothel manager.

3) "his reputation is sound" is more common than "unwavering" on ngrams

Dear sir or madam

I am writing this letter in regards to the recommendation of my friend for the post of accountant in our newly open branch.

My friend Mr John ben working as a senior accountant at Smith and George industries for last 10 year and he is managing all account related work and also handle a team of 15 people under him. I am strongly recommended him for our newly open branch because I personally worked with him in my previous job in the same company for 3 years and he had good rapport and skill with all staff members.

He is master in accountancy from a reputed university and he has a vast knowledge of accounting skill. He has the good business skill and good rapport with the client.

I am recommended him because, after office meeting held on last Friday, our company announced we need an accountant for our newly open branch and he had good knowledge and skill in the same field .i know from my personal experience he will lead our newly branch team as successful manner so that I highly in favour of him.

Thanks for your consideration.

Yours faithfully,

Tom White

"I am strongly recommended" -> I strongly recommend

"He is master in accountancy from a reputed university" -> He holds a Master's Degree in Accountancy from a reputable university

"knowledge of accounting skill." -> knowledge of accounting and wide-ranging accounting skills

"He has the good business skill" -> He has good business skills

"with the client." -> with clients.

"as successful manner " -> in a successful manner

"so that I highly in favour of him." -> so I strongly support his application

@thanks angolkucko

But if u know the article definition if u address particular group then you have to use the so I used the clients instead of clients


I took it to mean that he has good rapport with clients in general, that is unspecified clients. It is, in fact, a sort of generalization.

One might indeed write "with the clients", where "the" (meaning something like "those") would indicate the clients of the firm.

But "with the client" (singular) begs the question: which specific client are we talking about? None has been mentioned so far.



"The" originally meant "this/these/that/those"; sometimes this can help. "A/an" originally meant "one".

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing this letter to recommend my friend Jay Cutler for a role at your company.

Mr. Cutler is my ex-colleague and my good friend. We once worked together at Star company for 5 years, moreover, we worked at the same department, as sales managers, hence I know him well.

Mr. Cutler graduated from Toronto university in 2013, obtaining master degree of economics. After graduation, he got his first job at Star company. He was responsible for getting new clients and managing a sales team of 10 people at Star company. After the past 5 years of work, Mr. Cutler have been familiar on the procedure of sales business and have accumulated a lot of experience in sales work.

The main reason why I want to make this recommendation is his enthusiasm in work and honesty. What made the deepest impression upon me is that Mr. Cutler always proactively work and finished various tasks at the company. Meanwhile, I have the conviction that he is a trustworthy man.

Thank you for reading my letter. If you need another information about Jay Cutler, please contact me.

Yours faithfully

Jeremy Corbyn

@he li

1) It is usual to write out single-word numbers such as 5 and 10 as words.

2) I would hope that it took him less than five years to become familiar with sales procedures !

3) "a lot of","lots of" are viewed as informal in some quarters, so replace with much/many/a great deal of/a large number of .

4) familiar with

After the past 5 years of work, Mr. Cutler have (->has) been familiar on the procedure of sales business and have (->has) accumulated a lot of experience in sales work. -> He quickly familiarized himself with sales procedures and over the five years accumulated much/a great deal of experience.

5) .. is his enthusiasm in work and honesty.-> is his honesty and enthusism for the work. (Put short phrases first, long phrases last.)

6) Mr. Cutler always proactively work and finished -> He was always proactive in his work and successfully completed various projects ...

7) Meanwhile? This does not fit the context, maybe dropping your score for cohesion. ->In my view, Mr Cutler is respectable and trustworthy, and well-motivated. (The phrase "respectable and trustworthy" as used in finance and banking.)

8) Thank you for reading my letter. If you need another further information about Jay Cutler, please contact me.

Dear Mr Jeremiah,

My name is Jesus, I am the director at ‘Wine Heaven’ in London. I am writing you in connection to the new job opportunity your company has posted online this week.

My team in ‘Wine Heaven’ is formed by 10 employees and one of them is Matthew. He is 23 years old, from Southampton and has just finished his Bachelor of Letters. Here in our company he is in charge of national and international delivery services. Days ago Matthew talked to me to let me know his intention to leave our company. The reason was clear, he found a job opportunity related with his studies.

This letter is to suggest you an appropriate candidate for your new role. It is a pity not to have Matthew in our team anymore, because he is punctual, polite, huge knowledge on many fields, good team worker and fast learner. Checking your website I saw that you have projects in Canada and South America, Matthew a part of English also speaks fluently French and Spanish. Good point to deal with other people overseas.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,


Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to endorse a colleague by name Mr.John Reese, a data analyst who had previously worked with me alongside in the same company.

I had the privilege of working with Mr.Reese from 2011 till present and we used to share a cordial relationship while working in various projects during his stint at our organisation.

Mr.Reese holds a Masters degree in computer science and has a solid knowledge in computer technology combined with strong interpersonal skills. He has received appreciations and rewards from several business clients.

He has served in various positions ranging from database administrator to data science analyst. His academic qualifications along with the suitable work experience makes him a valuable asset to any organisation.

I strongly recommend him for the position he has applied at your company, as I believe he has the relevant skills and knowledge needed for the job.

Yours faithfully,
Harold Finch

@Nagendra Kumar

...a colleague by the name of Mr.John Reese ... OR ...a colleague, Mr. John Reese, a data analyst who used to work alongside me ....

till the present

If you worked with him up to the present and used to share a cordial relationship, the implication is that you no longer do, as "used to" refers to a habit or state in the past which is no longer true in the present -> and we share a good working relationship...

Strangely, in English, "a cordial relationship" is sometimes a gloss used especially by diplomats and politicians (or even mothers-in-law) to cover up the true state of affairs, about people you have to work with but perhaps do not necessarily like.

"Stint" sometimes refers to an unpleasant, or compulsory stay or period in a job or activity, such as prison. "Time" would be more neutral.

"sound knowledge" is more common than "solid knowledge"

"knowledge of computer technology"

makes him a valuable asset: maybe "would make" better.

I strongly recommend him for the position he has applied for at your company

he has the relevant skills, knowledge and background... (at least use "background" somewhere to show your vocabulary)

What about "hard-working, industrious, dedicated, creative, a strong communicator, easy to work with, meticulous, and steady" ?


Haha,thank you so much.


One of the strange things about traditional English-style snail mail and letters on paper is that it is unusual to introduce oneself at the beginning. The reader is left to flip to the end of the letter to find out who it is from. (For personal mail, there is no tradition of writing the senders' address on the outside of the envelope, with the result that the post office has to open the letter if it needs to return to sender.) Consequently, I would not start either a business or private letter with the phrase "my name is ...", and definitely not "I am [name]", which is very unidiomatic. If you find this all illogical, well, perhaps it is not surprising.

"in connection with" is the usual phrase.

"my team consists of ten employees"

"Bachelor of Letters" and is, at the current time, only awarded by two universities in Australia.

The reason was clear: he had found ...

This letter is to suggest you an appropriate candidate: there are verbs such as "give" where an indirect object can precede the direct object, but AFAIK suggest is not one of them. So just delete "you".

It is a pity not to have Matthew in our team anymore: oh, has he left already then?

"Good point to deal with other people overseas": no verb in this sentence.

There was once a tax-collector called Matthew...

@ gaia

Thank you for correcting my letter. I will note down all the important points you have mentioned. This is really helpful.

The graph below demonstrates that "a lot of", and "lots of" are less common in non-fiction writing on Google books, than phrases such as "a great deal of", or much/many in a positive sentence.


Dear Sir / Madam,

I am writing to you to recommend John Brent for the Senior Project Engineer that you are recruiting. Please allow me to give you a quick summary of his educational background and experience.

John was an experienced Reliability Engineer majored in Mechanical Engineering, and used to be one of my brilliant direct reports whom I can trust most. He has got more than ten years of experience, and has successfully accomplished numerous projects to improve equipment reliability and optimize workflow. He is also a good team player and a dedicated employee besides his strong interpersonal skills.

I believe John is capable enough to bring innovative ideas and success to your organization through his extensive knowledge and track record of performance, especially Project Management is among his strengths.

Should you have any further queries about his qualification, feel free to contact me on mobile on 012345678.

Yours faithfully,
David Beckham

Dear Whom it May Concern.

I would like to recommend Mr John Flynn as a candidate for a position of a registered nurse in an Intensive Care Unit with your organisation.

Throughout his time with us at the hospital, his high-standard knowledge of medical clinical skills and mind that would make him an excellent employee in your hospital.

John is one of the vital members, and his leadership skills are critical. He has excellent verbal and writing communication skills and organisation skills. Even though, John can demonstrate high-standard of nursing under high pressure and in a timely manner. He has excellent feedback from the most of the patients and last year he won the annual reword in entire staff. He is extremely proficient in his position.

He would be an asset for all employer regarding his excellent nursing knowledge and skills.Moreover, his personality has a character, sociable and out-going, and he is diligent and hard-worker as well.

Please let me know if you have any further questions regarding Mr John Fylnn.


Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to recommend Mr. Smith for the lecturer position in your department of chemical engineering, which you are recruiting.

I have been working with Mr. Smith since the time he joined my group based in ABC University as a postdoctoral researcher two years ago. During this time, we have shared our knowledge and experience, and collaborated in many projects, which greatly facilitates his professional development.

Mr. Smith attained a distinction bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering from Sydney University. He then had spent four years at this University to complete his PhD study before being offered the job in my research group. Apart from his academic qualifications, Mr. Smith possesses outstanding teaching skills and communication skills because he had been teaching as a tutor during his postgraduate study.

I would strongly recommend Mr. Smith for this academic position because his academic achievements and professional skills would fulfill the high demands of this position. I believe that he would completely be able to deliver fascinating lectures to students and greatly contribute to the growth of your department if his application was accepted.

If you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me via email [email protected].

Yours faithfully,

John Nguyen


1) "John was an experienced Reliability Engineer ..." (but not any more?) -> John is ....

2) "and used to be one of my brilliant direct reports whom I can trust most. " ->and used to be one of my brilliant direct reports, and the one whom I could trust most.

3) "He has got more ..." -> He has more ... (avoiding get/got where possible)

4) "He is also ... besides his as well as/in addition to having strong interpersonal skills."

Besides is marked as informal in the Longman dictionary, and more used in fiction books than others on google books: it also tends to mark out an item as being more important.



5) " capable enough to bring " -> well/quite capable of bringing.."

6) "through his extensive knowledge and track record of performance, especially Project Management is among his strengths." ->through his extensive knowledge and with his proven track record of success, particularly as Project Management is among his strengths."

"proven track record" is more common:


a) Dear Whom it May Concern.-> To whom it may concern

b) "for [a] the position of a registered nurse in an/the Intensive Care Unit": "the" position as they presumably already know about it. "An" ICU implies there is more than one, which might be true of a regional hospital board, whereas "the" ICU implies there is only one, as would be normal in a hospital.

c) "high-standard knowledge" -> extensive knowledge (much more common on google books)

d) Structural issue: ->Throughout his time with us at the hospital, he has demonstrated an extensive knowledge of medical and clinical skills that would make him an excellent employee in your hospital.

e) "John is one of the vital members" -> John plays a key role in our team...

f) "Even though, " : wrong connector (it is a subordinating conjunction not an adverb) -> He has also demonstrated ....

g) He has received excellent feedback

h) ... reward (spelling) -> award for best staff member

i) "an asset for all employer regarding " -> an asset to any employer with/in view of

j) Moreover, his personality has a character, sociable and out-going, and he is diligent and hard-worker as well.-> He is sociable and out-going, as well as being diligent and hard-working.

k) The opening is formal so the closing must also be formal -> Yours faithfully


I am appreciated your useful comment. As you can see that my writing is still clumsy. I am going to rewrite now and practise more.
Thank you for your advice.


Deeply appreciate your correction. May I ask another favor in helping me use Ngrams Viewers and Google Books?

Is there any tutorial material for them?

Thanks, Nhan




A) Dear Sir or Madam -> Dear Sir/Madam

B)"the lecturer position in your department of chemical engineering, which you are recruiting": either "position being offered" or "vacant position" would be more common -> .. for the (vacant) lecturer position (being offered) in your department of chemical engineering.


C) "collaborated on many projects:

D) "which greatly facilitates" -> facilitated (unless you are suggesting that he is only now ready for PD)

E) -> Bachelor's Degree with distinction

F) "He then had spent" -> He then spent [The next event in the story is past simple; only use past perfect if you have missed something out and need to go back to a prior event out of sequence]

G) "teaching skills and communication skills "

H) "because he had been teaching as a tutor" -> because he has been tutoring [and still is up till now, since you started "I have been working"]

I) "fulfill the high demands" -> meet the high demands [more common and idiomatic]


J) "that he would completely be able to deliver fascinating lectures ... " perhaps: -> that he would be able to consistently deliver interesting, thought-provoking, and cutting-edge lectures, and make significant contributions to ... [comma inserted as it is a separate point]

A reworked Letter:

Dear Sir / Madam,

My name is David Beckham, and I am a Reliability Manager for Baker Hughes Company. I am writing to you to recommend Mr John Kelly Brent for the Senior Project Engineer position that you are recruiting. Please allow me to give you a quick summary of his qualifications and skills.

John was an experienced Reliability Engineer with more than ten years of experience, specialized in Mechanical Engineering, who has in-depth exposure to managing multi-million-dollar projects. He used to be one of my brilliant direct reports, and is the one whom I can trust most. He is a good team player, an enthusiastic employee as well as having strong interpersonal skills.

I believe John is well capable of bringing innovative ideas and success to your organization through his extensive knowledge, insights, and proven track record. Particularly, Project Management is among his strengths.

Should you have further queries about his qualifications and skills, feel free to contact me on mobile on 012345678.

Yours faithfully,
David Beckham

It is a bit off topic, but I sincerely look for help in giving me comments about my writing.

You have a suggestion for a park nearby where you live. Write a letter to your city’s council. In your letter include:
• What your suggestion is
• What you think this suggestion will improve the park
• When you would like to see this suggestion in action

Dear Sir / Madam,

I am writing to you to suggest about the necessity of having a sports centre incorporated into the public park in our inner-city. Please allow me to elaborate on this suggestion.

As you probably have known, our city lacks spaces for local citizens to participate in outdoor activities, and most people have sedentary jobs. Hence, building a sports center is seen as a promising solution to improve people’s health.

I think there is a disused piece of land next to the park, and this area used to have a restaurant which has now been closed down. This place is very near a train station and an overpass going around the city. Therefore, it can be a perfect place to attract resident population to come and use the sports centre.

I read from the news that our city has got one-million-dollar budget from the Prime Minister for the city revamp. Thus, I reckon it will be great if this proposal is executed as at high priority.

I am looking forwards to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,
Tran Bao Nhan

@ Khe
Thank you so much for your correction!


to suggest about the necessity -> regarding the possibility of

As you probably have known -> As you may be aware,

spaces -> space

local citizens -> residents

is seen as a promising solution -> would provide a great opportunity ..

I think : either there is a site or there is not. -> There appears to be a disused site available...

it can be -> it could be (this is all hypothetical)

place to attract resident population -> a convenient site for residents to access and use for sport and recreational purposes.

has got -> has received

I reckon -> in my view, it would be a good idea to investigate and proceed with the proposal outlined above as a priority project.

I look forward to ...


Try googling the phrase "position that you are recruiting". You will find it quite rare and sometimes followed by "for". Perhaps safer to use: "position you are seeking to fill" (which seems more normal)

Dear Sir/Madam:

Hope this letter will find you and find you well. I am writing to recommend Mr. Zhou to apply for the vacant job in your deem company.

I am honoured to work with Mr. Zhou when I acted the general manager in ABC company while he was worked there as a sales manager since 2014. Mr. Zhou is the most wise and hard working person I know in my 20 years of working experiences in banking industry. When he asked me to write a reference for him applying the great job, I can not hesitate for a moment because this excellent sales person deserves this.

Mr. Zhou graduated from the famous DEF university with bachelor degree. I recruited him when he came to our office for applying the sales officer. I was stunning by his professional theories and his rich experience accumulated when he had an internship in GH bank. I decided to employ him immediately and the facts prove me right - I chose the best person for that position. In his two years of working as a sales officer and another two years of working as a sales manager, he showed us a great image of sals representative of our company, his contributions of sales in annual can achieve half of the amount that our company has in 2015 and 2017.

I sincerely hope you can give a great consideration of Mr. Zhou in that vacant job, and I am sure he will contribute great when he works in your deem company.

Thank you and best regards,



Dear Ms. Sharma,
I'm writing to recommend James Smith. I've worked with James for the past five years at ABC Event Planning Company; for three of those years, I was his supervisor.
In the time I've known him, James been a strong employee — capable of taking control of big projects, and he’s a pleasure to work with. James's ability to pay attention to details has always won him appreciation from our clients. He is also team player who is available to help co-workers when necessary.
As an account supervisor here at ABC Event Planning Company, he pitches event plans to clients and then manages the client relationship from start to finish.
I highly recommend James as an employee at your company. He would be a valuable addition to any organization. Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions.

Summer Rose

@ Chao ZHOU |

@ Chao ZHOU |

@ Chao ZHOU

1) Business letters in the USA use "Dear Sir or Madam:" or "Dear Mr Trump:", but British letters use a comma. Whether all examiners are familiar with both usages is an interesting question. Might be safer to stick to British usage.

2) The first sentence "Hope you .." is too personal and too familiar for a business letter to a stranger. Just start "I am writing to ..."

3) "in your deem company": no idea what is meant by "deem" in this context. "Esteemed " would be over the top in British culture.

4) "I am honoured ... when I acted": incompatible tenses.

5) If you started with an American style greeting, it would be better to spell "honoured" the American way (honored).

6) "he was worked": no need for passive here. -> he was working

7) "most wise" -> wisest

8) "person I know" -> person I have known (in the twenty years up till now)

9) "experiences": the plural usually refers to a series of unpleasant events. -> work experience (uncountable)

10) "to write a reference for him applying the great job, I can not hesitate for a moment" -> to write a reference in support of his application, I did not hesitate for a moment

11) "he showed us a great image of sals representative of our company," -> he provided an excellent role model for our company sales representatives.

12) -> and personally accounted for half our sales in 2015 and ...

13) "in that vacant job," -> for the position

14) "he will contribute great" -> he would make a great contribution

15) If you do go for a British opening with a comma, you will need to close with "Yours faithfully".

16) In a letter, finish with your full name.

17) bachelor degree -> Bachelor's degree

18) "for applying the sales officer" -> to apply for the position of sales representative/sales manager.

19) I was stunning -> I was stunned


a) The letter is only 145 words.

b) Usually formal business letters begin with a heading:

Dear Ms. Sharma,

Re: James Smith (personal reference)

3) Do not use short forms like "I'm" or "I've " in a formal business letter.

4) The traditional ending is "Yours sincerely": it would safer in the exam.

5) Leave an entire blank line between paragraphs in the exam so the examiner cannot miss your paragraphing: there are marks for good paragraphing.

@gaia thank you so much for your answer, I am taking notes of all you said :)


I mistakenly enabled the the both letter option which now looks really eye-irritated.

Would someone help me to disable it?


Dear Sir or Madam

I'm writing this mail to announce that Mr John who applied a new job for your restaurant.
First of all, I'm a executive chef of Lasosta which is italian restaurant and Mr John has worked our restaurant for five years as a Sous chef. He has strong passion on cooking especially, Italian cuisine. I heard that you need a person who has experience of italian cuisine. That is bigest reason why i recommend you to hire him. But also he has asian culture background so you may try modern dishs which is combined between asian and italian. It would be great opportunity for your team.
Lastly,as i mensioned above he worked as a sous chef, thus he knows how to manage his team. I garentee you don't need to worry anything about manage your kitchen.
Thank you for your considering


I am going to seat in a test this weekend, and I haven't had much time for practice. Therefore, I am a bit rushing now. Here is another one that I sincerely seek for comments:

You missed an appointment. Write a letter explaining what happened. In your letter include:
• What the appointment was
• An apology for missing the appointment
• A request for reschedule

Dear John,

I am writing to you with sincere apology about my absence without prior notice in the Sales Planning kick-off meeting last Friday. Please allow me to elaborate on my situation.

This week, I went on a business trip to Germany and I expected to return to the office on Thursday to be present in the meeting. However, my flight got delay and I was stuck in the Hannover airport for a night. I wish I had chance to send you an email or call you to ask for a postponement. Unfortunately, I had no access to the Internet and at the same time my phone was broken down, so I could do nothing at that time.

As soon as I have arrived at home, I write to you to inform you of my circumstance. I would also like to ask if you will be available on Monday next week for us to set up another call about it. I have no meeting planned on this day and we can meet up at your convenient time.

I am looking forwards to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,
Peters Alexander


Your submission was only 146 words, and overall I thought the tone was too informal for a business reference letter.

For exam purposes, short forms such as "I'm" are best avoided, and "I" absolutely must be capitalized, and it is normal to capitalize words such as "Italian" and "Asian". It is also best to leave a blank line between paragraphs to make the paragraphing clear to the examiner. Spelling is also important: note "guarantee", "dishes", and "mentioned".

If one begins "Dear Sir/Madam", the ending should be "Yours faithfully" in British style. In order to avoid introducing yourself at the beginning, it is quite normal (and acceptable) to simply add your full name, qualification, and job title at the end, thus:

Yours faithfully

Theresa May (<-signature)

Theresa May BA(Oxon), MP.
Prime Minister


Yours faithfully

David Fitznorth

Major David Fitznorth (retd) BSc(Nutrition)
Executive Manager, Lacosta Restaurants Inc.

Business letters normally begin with a heading, which this case should give the full name of the person concerned:

Re: Mr Hiroko Spaghetti John

"Thank you for your considering" is not a normal phrase. Perhaps "I hope you will give this due consideration".

Finally, the verb after a preposition ends in -ing, so "about managing" would be correct.

In this task it seems that the employer is known, and we could reasonably presume the name of the addressee. Thus a letter printed out on paper might open as follows:


For the attention of: Managing Director

Dear Mr Oswald,

Re: reference for George Michael Swanson BCom

[main body of letter]

Yours faithfully

John Simpson

John Simpson MC BA(Oxon) FCA
Chairman, International Security Inc

To whom it may concern:

Re Jan Wladislaw Wlodaczyk

I first met Jan whilst studying at Warwick University in mid-2010, and have since maintained a social relationship, meeting up about once a week.

Brought up by his (now deceased) grandparents, there has always been a strong incentive for Jan to succeed and stand on his own two feet. He has shown application and determination in acquiring Accounting qualifications and a Master's degree in Economics. He is well qualified and educated, professional, well organized, with over five years' practical experience, and has the motivation and potential to make a positive and useful contribution to any company.

On a personal level, Jan is honest, knows his own mind, has a strong values and a good sense of right and wrong, and can express himself clearly and directly when need be. He is also a good listener, honest, trustworthy, dependable, and adaptable.

I have no hesitation in recommending him for the position of Chief Finance Officer.

Yours faithfully

Colin Avery

Colin Avery Bcom (Warwick) FCMA
Financial Director, International Wheelers Plc.

To whomsoever, it may concern.

I am writing this letter in regards to providing a reference to my colleague who is hired by your company.
Mr John worked in our company as a Site Manager from May 2016 to December 2017 at London in Ontario, Canada. He was hired as a Graduate Manager Trainee. Through his consistent performance and success in the assigned project, he was promoted as a Site Manager. He possesses strong technical capabilities of managing the sports infrastructure project. He had five projects under his belt and he managed them efficiently yielding best results.
In addition to that, he shows great aptitude to learn new thing daily that not only benefits him but also motivates the other team members to follow his footstep. He has been a great mentor to the sub-trades and each one of them admires him to the humbleness and politeness he shows towards them. I would like to conclude that I believe he will be a great asset and will keep on inspiring people around him with his great personality.

We wish all the best in his future endeavours.

Yours’s truly,


1) "To whomsoever, it may concern." -> To whom it may concern:

2) "in regards to": with regard to (commoner)

3) "who is hired " : not yet!

4) "at London in Ontario"-> in London, Ontario, Canada

5) "promoted as a Site Manager": promoted to ..

6) he managed them efficiently, yielding best results. (comma needed)

7) "great aptitude to learn new thing daily": rephrase to avoid "thing"

8) "to follow his footstep." -> to follow his lead/example.

9) "admires him to the humbleness": admires him for ....

10) "I would like to conclude that": either omit, or use "Overall, I believe ..."

11) We wish him all the best ...

12) Yours’s truly, -> Yours truly

13)-> Mohammed Al-Modiahki (your full name)
General Manager, Construction Projects Inc

14) "Mr John": this could be anyone -> Mr John Roy Major (or something)

15) Instructions state: "describe their relevant qualifications and skills."

@Beyonce Thank you, I will work on what you said.

Dear Sir,
I am pleased to act as a referee for Mr. X for the position advertised recently in your organization. He was employed as senior engineer in my company between 2015 and 2018. During his tenure, he did an excellent job and was an asset to the company and department in which he worked.

I confirm that he is highly qualified in and skilled in designing high frequency circuits , as well as having excellent verbal communication skills making it easy to work with him.

Mr. X was always willing to offer his help, and passing on his valuable experience to his colleagues; this will be a particularly suitable attribute in your organisation.

Once again I would like to recommend him for any endeavour he chooses to pursue. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further queries.
Yours faithfully,

act as a reference

Dear Sir,
I have known Mr.kaabi for three years, and believe he is suitably qualified for the role at your organisation.
During his work under my supervision, he has always worked to the highest standards, and conducts himself professionally at all times. Mr.kaabi works well under pressure, and is able to meet deadlines. The quality of his work is of high standard, meticulously showing a keen eye for detail.

Having read the job requirements for your organisation, I can confidently say that Mr.Kaabi’s skills are more than adequate for it. His technical knowledge and expertise in the areas you require are more than adequate; his presentation skills are outstanding, and he can deliver persuasive talks to a varied number of clients in different contexts skilfully and confidently.

I have no hesitation in recommending Mr.kaabi to your organisation. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have further questions.

Yours faithfully,

@Mr X

"Dear Sir" sounds somewhat genderist. Either you know the addressee's name, in which case use it, or you do not, so use "Dear Sir/Madam".

Please review Beyonce's comments re opening and closing.


A) The instructions are to describe their qualifications.

B) Essential to state their name in full.

C) "State your reason for writing."

D) See Beyonce's comments above re opening and closing.

Dear Sir or Madam,
I am writing to make a recommendation for my colleague Mr. Pierre.

I am a civil engineer and I have worked collaboratively with him for over five years. We worked as construction managers in the same team for three road projects and current we are constructing a high-rising building in Shang Hai, so I know him very well.

Since we have cooperated with each other for several years, I would like to say that he has an extensive background in civil engineering and he has a deep understanding about construction management. I remember he past all six courses and became an certified Professional Engineer last year, which means his expertise has stood the test.

According to the job descriptions you have listed on your official website, you want to recruit civil engineers with rich experience in both road and building construction. I think he satisfies your requirements and I believe he will be able to handle the demands of the position.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you want more information about him from me. I will be very glad to help.

Faithfully yours,

John Smith


a) The past simple of "pass" is spelt "passed".

b) "extensive experience" is more common.

c) Business letters usually have a heading, (like emails: Re: Mr Jean Pierre)

d) It would be normal to state your position, company and qualifications below your name after your signature, also "Faithfully yours" is dated.

Yours faithfully

John Smith

John Smith BSc Eng (Harvard) MRICE
Chief Engineer, Beardmore Construction Inc.

(MRICE - member of royal institute of certified engineers)

Dear Sir/Madam,
To Whom It May Concern,
I am writing this reference at the request of Ilkin Asgarov, who is applying for a position at BP. I have had a professional relationship with Ilkin Asgarov for the past 3 years. We have worked in many capacities together, including, but not limited to: Junior Estimator, Quantity Surveyor and Cost Controller.

Ilkin Asgarov has a number of strengths I’d like to share. He holds a Master’s degree in Economics (Finance) from a reputable university. He has demonstrated incredible leadership quality, always showed respect for his colleagues, was never late for work, or presented a bad attitude. Ilkin Asgarov is also very fast learner and so meticulous.

In conclusion, I would highly recommend Ilkin Asgarov. If his performance in the current company is any indication of how he’d perform in the available position, Ilkin Asgarov will be an extremely positive addition to your organization. If you need any additional detail information, feel free to contact me at +99455 769-61-xx or by email at [email protected] anytime.

Yours Faithfully,

Donald Obama

Dear Mr.Cuong,
I am writing this letter to recommend my friend who is quality controller and a work colleague with me. Miss Nhung graduation from Hanoi University of Science and Technology in 2010, master degree of computer science. She also has experiences on quality control and data analysis in information technology for 10 years.
She is master in media domain knowledge, good team worked and fast learner. She has the good business skill and good skill due to client.
I strongly recommend her that the company announced we need a quality controller for our newly job. I think she can fill the shoes that you are looking for.
Thanks for your consideration.
Best Regards,
Hien Truong


a) I'd -> I would [no short forms in formal writing] : also "he'd" -> he would

b) "incredible leadership quality": "incredible" is over the top -> effective leadership OR effective leadership qualities


c) "bad" attitude: I would avoid "bad" (and "good") in IELTS essays, partly because they are too vague and might suggest limited vocabulary to the examiner, and partly because (like "big") it is not common in academic writing. The statistics below support this:


Note, though, that "poor attitude" and "negative attitude" are more common in non-fiction and therefore more suitable for formal writing.

d) "showed negative attitude" is commoner on google books:

e) "Ilkin Asgarov will would be an extremely positive addition" [it is all hypothetical at present]

f) There are comments further up the page re headings and closings.

Hien Truong:

1) At only 116 words, the submission would be downgraded on word count alone, and possibly across the board.

2) It would be essential in a reference letter to state clearly how long you have known the candidate.

3) "graduation" is a noun.

4) ->with a Master's Degree in Computer Science

5) See Beyonce's comment (9) to Chao ZHOU above.

6) Correct use of articles needs much more work.

7) I suggest you review all the submissions above and all the comments. To me, Gio's and Beyonce's read well, although quite different in content.

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am writing this letter in connection with a job application that you received earlier this weak from one of my colleagues Mr. David Jones.
I know David from the time that he started his career as a structural designer at Pearson consulting corporation. My first impression from David was that he worked hard for countless hours without getting distracted. As a result, I believe that his working ethics can be particularly useful in any institution. Other than that, he proved himself as a dedicated team member, being able to lead various projects even in stressful situations when an effective connection with builders and architects seemed essential. On top of all, he is a great human being and a brilliant father who relentlessly try to make effective connection with other employees.
Since David has shown strong qualification in designing structures and providing costumers with detailed and practical information, and according to his competitive soft skills, I fully support his application to be a part of your designing team.
If you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Yours faithfully,
Roger John


weak -> week

"My first impression from of David ...": however this impression turned out to be incorrect?

"working ethics" -> work ethic https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/work_ethic


"On top of all," -> On top of this,...[but unnecessarily obtrusive in terms of cohesion, when a simple "also" would have done.]

Also review need for "As a result", "Other than that": do not overdo the linking phrases.

"I have known David from the time that ": and presumably still do.

As a prospective employer, what I would really wish to know is:
1) how long in years you have been acquainted with the candidate, and
2) the nature of your contact [did you just pass by in the parking lot, or share an office and work on projects together for 40hpw]
3) what is your own job? Are you a shareholder, CEO, the guy who does the photocopying, or the window cleaner? It makes a difference to how much weight your reference carries.

"a great human being": far too vague.

"a brilliant father": in many countries what someone does in their private life is private. Why is it relevant anyway? He is not looking to work in the company creche.

"father who relentlessly try": in this situation "who" acquires the number of its antecedent "father", so try->tries. "relentlessly" has a pejorative connotation, so is inappropriate in context.

The instructions state "relevant qualifications". For a consulting structural engineer, I would expect to see a degree in Civil Engineering and membership of an appropriate professional body, and/or registration. [That said, in real life, employers usually check out qualifications themselves from the CV]

"and according to his competitive soft skills": "according to" does not suit the context -> with his extensive soft skills.

See remarks to previous submissions for comments on heading, and closing detail.

To Wanda:
Thank you for putting so much effort in providing such a detailed feedback.
In my first attempt, I got an overall band score of 8 in the IELTS GT test, with a band score of 6.5 in the writing section. When I received my score, I got disappointed and thought that a conspiracy is going on to intentionally reduce the score of candidates in the writing section. However, by realistically reflecting on my weak spots, I understood that I lack fundamental knowledge in planning my ideas, using proper transitions, and applying coherence between sentences and paragraphs. Now, I intend to use this frustration and anger as a tool to improve my English writing proficiency.
The most fascinating fact I realized during this process was that my problems in writing was not solely related to my use of language, its roots were entrenched deeply in my thinking method.

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to you as regard to the job’s application you have received from my colleague Mr John. It is my pleasure to provide a reference for him as I have every confidence in his ability to perform the tasks indicated in your job description.

First and foremost, Mr John has a master’s degree in finance and advanced computer skills. Yet, he always craves for academic stimulation and, when the oportunity arises, often takes new diplomas to improve his knowledge. For instance, he just passed a countability exam last month very successfully. Plus, the fact that he never takes anything for granted appears to be very beneficial for our informatic company. For instance, he made some good substantial changes in our workplace to improve our work conditions and always come up with innovative, accurate ideas while embracing the workplace’s policies to its fullest. What is more, he has excellent interpersonal skills and has revealed a remarkable talent for handling difficult and stressful situations. Plus, he is a great team player which makes him an extraordinary colleague to work with. His constant adaptation came from the fact that he worked in a few multicultural companies in the past ; as a consequence, he is able to work with a wide range of people from different nationalies.

I am confident that if you were to offer him the position he would quickly become an invaluable member of your team.
Obviously, there is no incentive for us to encourage Mr John to leave this company as he is an excellent employee of the workforce but his desire to broaden his professional horizon is essential to meet his personal challenges and professional prospects.

and I finish my letter with " Yours faithfully,
Ana Smith, London Informatic company

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing this letter on behalf of Mr Ken who is a senior web developer in AUS company. We have been working in various project with a professional working relationship.

He obtained a Bachelor's Degree of Information Technology with distinction. Therefore, he had a solid background of programming and familiar with many latest web technologies which are being applied in our complex projects.

For his past decade of working as a senior developer, he has been playing a key role with his strong technical skills in different domain knowledge such as banking, e-commerce , healthcare and many more. He also had good understanding of user interface and experience on how to improve the usability as well as the look and feel of a website since he used to be a web designer in two years. Moreover, he was able to communicate with client on any change requests and work closely with business analysis to clarify requirements and prepare everything for support including: revise deployment guide, user guide, support guide, problem solving effectively throughout the system.

More importantly, he is a reliable person and a friendly team player who is always available to support co-workers when needed. Because of his wide range of skills and abilities which lead him to success in many projects, he received a lot of appreciations and rewards from our business clients.

Based on his extensive experience, I strongly recommend Mr Ken for any relevant positions he has applied at your professional organization.

Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me via email [email protected].

Yours faithfully,

Tam Niem
Team Leader, AUS company

Dear Sir/Madame,
I am writing to suggest the name of my colleague for the new job in your prestigious company. We are working together in the same company and Branch from past 5 years.
Let me explain in detail. My work colleague has Deepak Bansal had applied for the newly opened position of Senior Business Analyst at your company. Now, I would like to draw your attention toward the outstanding qualities of my colleague, First of all, he has brilliant communication and interpersonal skills with previous experience of client handling. Secondly, he posses great leadership quality with emphasize on result driven team building. Lastly, He has in-depth knowledge of Business management and all other activities which can be of very much important for your company.
I am suggesting this name because he can be an asset to your company and might take your company to the new level. I worked with him very closely and based on my experience I am pretty sure that He will be leading from the front and Will provide best solutions overall.
Please consider him as your new senior business analyst.
Yours faithfully,
Nikhil Saini

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing this reference letter in regard with the job application you had received from Ms. Sreeja for the post of senior business development consultant. We were working together in a same firm since the past 3 years.

My overall working experience with Ms. Sreeja was fantastic. I was her teamleader and her sales performance was excellent. She has an innate positive attitude in her that keeps her motivated all time. Her confidence and team spirit is equally appreciative. Proud to say that she had won the best performance award four times as of now. The feedback collected from her clients, proves how prompt and efficient is her service to her customers. She was indeed one of the most productive and quick learner in my team, who does not wants anyone to guide her to reach her targets. I am very much confident that she will work hard for your company by excelling her work performance.

Kindly please feel free to contact me anytime regarding any clarifications.

Your's Sincerely,

Mrs. Geetha.

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to recommend Alan Westwood for the position of Software Developer at ABC Technology. As Alan's colleague for three years, it is my pleasure to provide this recommendation to support his application.

Alan is a highly responsible person with significant communication skill. During the three years, he participated in development of over ten computer systems. Alan led meetings in developing processes and took the responsibility of negotiation with clients. His responsibility and professonalism was also highly appreciated by our customers.

Since Alan has strong technical and personal skills, I believe that the professonalism in developing and negotiating makes Alan a perfect candidate for the position of software developer in your company.

Thank you for your consideration. If you have any further questions about Alan, please contact me.

Yours faithfully,

Harry Potter

Dear Sir / Madam

Please be informed that I am writing this reference letter for Civil Engineer Mr. Oğuz Tekatli. As I know he had already applied to your company as project engineer. I have very positive thoughts for him.

Firstly, I would like explain information regarding the where we have worked together with Oguz. We have worked with him together at CSEP gold mining process plant project in Turkey. CSEP means COPLET Sulfide expansion project. We worked at this project from July 2006 till July 2018 together. He was directly reporting to me. I realized during his duty he was working hardly and approached to his duty very professionally. He has self disciplined while he was on duty. He graduated technical university called ITU in Istanbul. Also I would like to mentioned that this university is well-knowns in Turkey especially as technical.

He has very enough technical skills even he is a junior engineer. He has started to project as junior engineer but become at the end project engineer. At the same time he has computer skills such as Autocad and Microsoft and very good command language skills. Expect his native language Turkish he speaks English perfectly.

As result, he is totally true person what your company looking for. I highly recommended to him for your company as a project engineer position.

Kind Regards

Onur B.
Civ. Eng.

Dear Sir/Madam,

My Name is James Smith, and I am the owner and restaurant manager of Maroon Delights. I am writing this letter to you to recommend Oliver Rao for the advertised position of trainee Restaurant Manager at your premises Hinds Wayside Inn.

Oliver Rao has been working with me since November 2016. He started his career as a kitchen hand and then, become an assistant manager with his hard work and dedication. Moreover, he has achieved a diploma in management while working here through apprenticeship and, have acquired a set of skills and knowledge that can be required in handling any food business.

Furthermore, he is an honest and a reliable worker who is equally passionate about pursuing a career in the restaurant field. As I can not offer him any above position as he is already in the second charge in my business, I would be proud to see him growing in his life. I genuinely believe that his ideas and motivation will benefit your business if he is selected. If you would like to discuss any further, please do not hesitate to contact me on my number given on the card enclosed with his letter.

I look forward to hearing from you

Yours faithfully,
James Smith.

Please evaluate my letter. My exam is on 29th September

To whom it may concern,
I am writing this letter to recommend my former colleague Mr Ahmed for the pharmacist vacancy at alHammadi Hospital branch that newly opened in Dammam. We worked together at the Inpatient pharmacy in AlHammadi Hospital for 3 years.
As acquainted, Mr Ahmed has an excellent experience in Riyadh's best hospitals. Aside from Alhammadi he also worked in Dallah Hospital for 5 years. He holds a Bachelor degree of Pharmacy from Khartoum University in Sudan and has trained in and volunteered in both hospital and community pharmacies since then. Throughout my work with him, Mr Ahmed was always very keen and enthusiastic toward his job. He's a cooperative person and has a good team spirit. In addition, he has excellent patient handling and communication skills.
I strongly recommend Mr Ahmed for this position. working in the main branch made him familiar with the hospital policies and conditions. He is also willing to move to Dammam at any time.
I am quite sure he will be a great benefit and a valuable member of your team.
If you need any further information, please do not hesitate and contact me immediately.
Yours Faithfully,
Islam Mustafa

Dear Employer,

I am writing this letter for recommending you my dear colleague Yasin. We have been working together for 3 years and I have had enough time for consideration his skills and qualifications in this period.
He started to work in our hospital after his graduation. Since then, he has always worked hard. The patients who were been treated by him have left from hospital always satisfied. Because he is really good at his job and he is good at communication as well.
Yasin always follows new researches and developments in his field and he has taken many courses and certificates about his occupation. I heard that there is a pediatric rehabilitation center. I am glad to inform you Yasin likes children very much and he is really successful at pediatric rehabilitation.
At last but not least, location of your center is so available for Yasin because he wanted to leave his current job for bad location. His home is very near your center and I am sure If he gets the job he will work harder and more focused than here.
He is looking forward to hearing positive response by you!

Your sincerely,
Vedat Bagis

Dear Employer,

I am writing this letter to recommend you my dear colleague Yasin for physiotherapist position of your center. We have been working together for 3 years and I have had enough time for consideration his skills and qualifications in this period.
He started to work in our hospital after his graduation. Since then, he has always worked hard. The patients who were been treated by him have left from hospital always satisfied. Because he is really good at his job and he is good at communication as well.
Yasin always follows new researches and developments in his field and he has taken many courses and certificates about his occupation. I heard that there is a pediatric rehabilitation center. I am glad to inform you Yasin likes children very much and he is really successful at pediatric rehabilitation.
At last but not least, location of your center is so available for Yasin because he wanted to leave his current job for bad location. His home is very near your center and I am sure If he gets the job he will work harder and more focused than here.
He is looking forward to hearing positive response by you!

Yours sincerely,
Vedat Bagis

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