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April 15, 2018


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Thank you very much Simon.
I have a question: do you want explain what you mean with method, please.
Thank you.

Dear Simon,
Thank you for your sharing.
It is very useful!

How to learn how to use a new word correctly?

Thank you for good advice.


If you want to see all of my 'methods' explained step by step, watch the videos that I've published on the website below:




You need to see the new word in the context of a correct sentence. So, it's best to learn words that you have read somewhere (e.g. in a reading passage, a newspaper article or in one of my lessons). Don't learn words from a list or by trying to translate from your language using a dictionary. Word lists and individual word translations don't give you the correct "context" that you need.

Thank you, Simon. The last tip was the most important one.

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