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April 29, 2018


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Thanku so much for your valuable advice. I have just started preparing for Ielts and I am struggling in writing in terms of generating ideas etc.

Dear Sir Simon,
I have been following your lessons for years but unfortunately still struggling to get 7 in writing .I feel that these important points which you have highlighted are my weaknesses .Please guide me how I can work to improve the writing.


It would a bit difficult to provide any specific guidance without seeing a sample of your Task 1 and Task 2 writing.

Looking at the comments on other people's essays - for instance in the comments section here:
and comments here:

- it seems that it is to some extent possible to check at least the phraseology and grammar by using google books and ngrams, although they will not automatically provide correction, or address the essay structure or flow.

Incidentally: "Please guide me on how I can work to improve the my writing". Band 7 states "produces frequent error-free sentences".

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