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April 01, 2018


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Some vocabs I collected:
1) recommend S.O for the position of X
2) having worked closely with him/her for (a period of time)
3) highly qualified
4) significant management experience
5) demonstrated exceptional organizational, team building
6) described S.O as dedicated, hardworking and enthusiastic
7) professionalism and commitment make S.O a perfect candidate for S.T
8) questions about S.O's suitability for the post
9) do not hesitate to contact S.O

Good work Nhan!

Hi Simon,
Can we begin with 'dear sir' if we are addressing to a landlord. Or is it wrong?

Modern practice is to use the addressee's name whenever possible, so probably "Dear Mr Smith" or similar.
"Dear Sir/Madam" would only used if for some reason we do not know their name.

Hi Simon,
First of all thank you for sharing this amazing letter I have a question that how many examiners mark the writing exam and further are there any measures to reduce the subjectivity in the writing marking?

Hi Simon,
Many thanks for the precious contents you are sharing with all IELTS students. I have a small question related to one grammar rule used in the above letter, where it was mentioned: "Hellen's students", Should it be "Hellen' students" ? If not, could you please clarify the reasons

I would appreciate guidance from anyone who knows exactly the correct form.

All the Best

"Helen's students" is the correct form.

I am writing this letter to refer Caley Hammer for the position of senior data analysis manager at Future Fantacy Company in downtown Toronto, Canada.

I've known Caley for more than five years. I worked with Caley when I started as a junior analyst while he was a senior analyst. I was stunned with his clear logic and analytical skills. Caley can build up data models from scratch using different IT tools. He is also a strong problem solver. I can not remember that how many times he saved me when I was stuck with database or statistical problems. He is the one that always helps out and finds the answer with a smarter way.

I believe that Caley is a perfect fit to Future Fantasy, which as I know, is a start-up super star in entertainment industry in North America. Caley's excellent experience in data world would be a strong add to your team in understanding clients' needs and forecasting business models. Furthermore, Caley would help your team trump the data challenges that usually a start-up company would encounter.

If you have any further questions about Caley's suitability for the post, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours faithfully,

Peng Lai

Hi Simon,

Instead of "recommend", can I write "give a reference about John's application for the senior writer position?". would it sound a bit professional in this case?

Dear Employer,

I am writing this letter to recommend you my dear colleague Yasin for physiotherapist position of your center. We have been working together for 3 years and I have had enough time for consideration his skills and qualifications in this period.
He started to work in our hospital after his graduation. Since then, he has always worked hard. The patients who were been treated by him have left from hospital always satisfied. Because he is really good at his job and he is good at communication as well.
Yasin always follows new researches and developments in his field and he has taken many courses and certificates about his occupation. I heard that there is a pediatric rehabilitation center. I am glad to inform you Yasin likes children very much and he is really successful at pediatric rehabilitation.
At last but not least, location of your center is so available for Yasin because he wanted to leave his current job for bad location. His home is very near your center and I am sure If he gets the job he will work harder and more focused than here.
He is looking forward to hearing positive response by you!

Yours sincerely,
Vedat Bagis

Hi guys
can anyone describe the grammatical point of "Having worked closely with ..." ??

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