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April 24, 2018


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In this task, past tense is used but no time is given.

However, this task is written in present tense


So, how to differentiate the usage of tense in task 1


@Simon Thanks for sharing. I took the ielts exam on 21st this month. Although i didn't know the band, I feel I performed better in section 3 of listening test this time,I mean it seemed that i could control the situation in section 2 or 3(multiple choices), because i just took full advantage of various vacancy time to read the questions and choices, and thought what they are,not just easily circling key words.

Thanks, Simon.I will try it tomorrow and I'm sure that it will work

Thanks Simon!

thanks you !!

I wanna appreciate you as I learnt from your technique how to answer the diagram questions in listening.
Thank you Simon

I'm glad you found this lesson useful guys!

Hi Simon,
Thank you for sharing tips.
I agree with all of them in particular with the "touching pen". It really works. I started to do this even with the Section headings, example answers, and for all bullet points, dots and etc.

And I would like to add smth as well. Don't Panic and Don't Feel Finished! Especially, when you fell that you are on the right path. For example, when I acknowledge that I have two right sections behind, I forget that I need 8 from listening :)

Hope on 1 December I will be enough lucky :)

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