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April 06, 2018


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Great ideas, firstly, the questions should be rephrased, then balancing ideas with an example .What about giving an opinion in each questions in part 3, using the phrases like; In my point of view, In my opinion, From my perspective, I personally think that..., To my mind? Coul I suggest my students to give an opinion in part 3 respected sir, Simone? I have been suggesting them doing so as the questions are definitely philosophical and concrete. Just waiting for your suggestion.

There is no time to analyze the question, come up the ideas then arrange them. I usually in the case have no idea, forget the words then answer without orders.
How can I improve that?
Are there any ways to solve this case?

Hi Simon,

Is there a way to manage your time in ielts speaking part 2? Should we wind up our answer before the 2 mins end or is it alright if we are mid sentence when the examiner says time is up?

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