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April 08, 2018


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Dear Simon, does writing a letter also have a similar 13-sentence mind picture like the one you introduced for writing task 2, which I find very useful and I can almost immediately apply it in my articles. Hope you can introduce some equally useful tips for General Training Task 1 - Letter Writing. thanks




It is important to cover all items specified in the task, possibly by having a separate paragraph for each one. The other issue is to decide whether a formal business letter is required, or something more informal, as the opening and closing, and also the style of the language, often differ.

Good question Sabrina.

I don't think I've ever specified the exact number of sentences for the GT letter task. However, I suppose I usually write 3 main paragraphs (which cover the 3 bullet points in each task). Each main paragraph will contain 2 or maybe 3 sentences, and I usually put a greeting sentence at the start and an 'ending' sentence at the end.

So, you could aim for a 1,2,2,2,1 structure.

I hope this helps!

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