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May 25, 2018


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Dear Simon,

Ijust checked my ielts result now and found out that finally I got the results I always wanted. I never managed to get 7 in academic reading though my overall,L,S and writing were over 7!
I got 7.5 for reading this time and 8 and 7.5 for the rest.
And without your clear guidlines and methods I could never achieve this!
Thank you so much!

Thank you Simon sir

Congratulations Sana for your overwhelming success in the test. These days I also remember the ex-followers o this really helpful blog-James Z. and Kevin.

If part 2 in speaking is about a custom of a country then what should be the answer and what we could mention for speak?

hello ,
it`s me assem shalaby , an egyptian pharmacist
a friend told me that he improved his IELTS skills by following your instructions on website of yours
and actually i started recently studying and preparing myself for ielts
i almost did my best in listening section and then moved to speaking
and i need yout tips how to improve it ?
and as well do i need a partner whose mother tongue is english to help me in that section
how can i start ?
thanks for your time
best wishes

could I ask for check it for me :

1. are there any museum to you would like to go ?

answer :

I was living in the big cities for quite a long time and your museum has been the must go place for our family members in every month.
there were two historic museums to we visited are a place of wonderful collections of Lao War at Vientiane .for expand different another culture


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