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May 18, 2018


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Thank you so much, Simon!

in the penultimate year
As far as I remember
speaking aloud
gradually worked our way
learnt the answers by heart
learn by rote
keen to get good marks
ingrained in my mind
popped into my head
calculating bill payments, earnings and savings
insistent about learning

Thank you Simon, I'm new to IELTS with learning from your site helping me a lot.For example, the following list of these words and phrases:

penultimate - in the penultimate year of..
by rote - to learn something by rote = to learn by heart
ingrained - to have something ingrained in my mind
insistent -the teacher were so insistent about..

Thank you so much!

I just need some help regarding the speaking part one topic. This topic is related to Boat I think its quite difficult for me. Could you help me to solve out this topic in your way

Thank you very much for your sharing. They are so useful and help me prepare better for the IELTS test.

For the sample answer, maybe you missed "s" after "some reason" in the last paragraph, please check it again.

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