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May 04, 2018


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if people did't have to work ,they would live in a blank and meaningless life without passion to strugle for the next generation

If people didn't work, it would be unlikely that people could survive. There would be no one producing food and no one selling goods. The whole world would stop.

it seems to be more of a philosophical question

If people didn't have to work, i can imagine life would be a lot more fun and colorful. Some people have tedious jobs, and i'm sure they would be happier and cheerier if they didn't have to do their tiresome jobs and took up something else that they are interested in. The more happy people out there, the more exciting and interesting life becomes.

i'm not much of a 'grammarian', so i'm not really sure whether i managed to write at least one correct conditional sentence.

if doctors did not go to work, no one would treat patients. in other words:- if doctors did not go to work, patients would not find treatment

Even if we are in the era of the machines, I can’t see a life where people would not have work. Even if we now can build a house in less than 24 hours using only a 3D printer we still need people to operate those machines. Even with the advances in robotics we still need people to program them. We can’t rely only on technology as it can be hacked and as it can make our life so much better, it can also destroy our lives if it gets into wrong hands.

If no one had to work, people would be unproductive and life would be dull. And what would be the purpose of living then?

In my opinion, live without work will be the reality life of us in the near future, Because we are living in the age of 4.0 industry revolution, so that, may be in the next ten year, robot will replace almost people jobs. If my prediction became true, it would be a very hard period for human, so maybe jobs on humanity field will be esteem highly in our social

"Look at the birds in the sky! They don't plant or harvest. They don't even store grain in barns. Yet your Father in heaven takes care of them. Aren't you worth much more than birds? "

“The reason why worry kills more people than work is because more people worry than work.”

I think if human beings didn't have to work, life would be so boring and aimless. In our daily life, we usually work. If having free time helps us to blow off some steam, working can support us to make a living. And actually, working is also able to create happiness in our life. For example, if you were a teacher, you could meet a lot of students who are interesting people in your class. Dealing with them and preparing the lesson plans give you a sense of aims and joy in your life. If you didn't work at all and still had enough money for your life, it would be completely fine, but you could never experience the great feelings when you overcome challenges or difficulties that come to you at work.

what would life be like if people didn't have to work?
Well this is a matter that I have never ever thought before. But to imagine a life when people didn't have to work, I suppose that it is quite different with our daily life now.
For example, If the farmer didn't have to work, the supply of agriculture would be inadequate to human demand. However, if the farmer could apply all advance technology to replace all their works by automatic systems, the human demand could be satisfied. So, in short, it depends on situation.

What would life be like if people didn't have to work?

If people didn't have to work, it would be disaster for all communities. All shops were closed and basis emergency services were unavailable. For example, the grocery shops are packed before Christmas Day in Australia. Because everyone know about all shops will close on the special public holiday.
We definitely would not cope with the life without workers.

Well, if you asked me, life quality would be higher if people were not obliged to make a living for a number of merits. To begin with, they would have enough time to spare for breaking a sweat; as a result, they would be healthier. Besides, they would relish their time visiting kith and kin devoid of any pressure for being involved up to ears at work. Furthermore, those who were exempt from work would schedule their gifted time for pursuing other fruitful activities such as updating their know-how or taking favourite classes.

if people didn't work then life would be boring, there would be no progression to mankind.it would be very hard to survive, bcos no work no money no food and no survival. ultimately ther wonn't be any meaning to life.

If People did not had to work for living than world would had been a different place as it is now. There are reasons for this thought, at first, people would become less interactive with one another as most of the time we communicate because we want something done or we need certain services from someone. Secondly, There won't be businesses and there wont be a term called "economy". Third but most important we won't understand the meaning of satisfaction which comes out of work.

Dear Simon,
I have a question about speaking task. I took a few time of IELTS Tests before with my speaking part 7 or above. However, my last one in April this years fell to 6. It's quite shocking to me. I am wondering if I answered the questions with too many medical answers as I work in medical field.
For example:
Q what's your favorite section in reading a newspaper
A Health
Q talk 2 min about your favorite tv program
A Grey's anatomy and I talked about it using the whole 2 mins.
please advise

Well if poople did not have to work, it would be impossible for them to live and survive. For example, if farmers didnot grow crops, what would we eat? As a result people would die from starvation.

If people didn't have to work, it would be meaningless and pointless life, in turn potentially living without purpose. What this means is they don't have reasons for survival.

As time changes we, as a human, gain many habits. working can be a kind of habit for many people. Living jobless might affect them adversely. But, If I did not have to work, I would be a happier. I think that way for a couple of reasons. First, I would have more spare time to rest and I can manage my own time instead of giving my time to my boss to manage it. Second, having no job does not mean, being aimless in my lifetime. I can spend my time to be a part of social welfare programs. Because, helping people living in deprived area make me happy.

If I did not have to go to work everyday, I would play music all the time.

If people did not work I think life would be more funny. Everybody would do whatever they want to do except working therefore there would not be any stress point at people life. But it would take for only some period. Contrary to everybody thinks, If anyone wont be work there might be start poverty at everywhere. Result would be unhappiness.

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