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May 24, 2018


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I’m taking slow to make sure my grammer and sentence structures are mostly correct. Rate this piece of writing please.

These days vehicles are operated by artificial intelligence. This is due to the advancement in science and technology. In my opinion, it should be seen as a positive trend because IA are less likely to cause accidents than humans.

IA will inevitably be in charge of driving automobiles because of the development of technology and science. These self driving systems use cameras and sensors which helps vehicles orient their position on the road, identify others cars and pedestrians. For instance, it can apply the brake before hitting a child crossing the road.

Artificial intelligence should be regarded as a blessing because they reduce the risk of road traffic accidents. They can drive at any time of the day with out even getting tired. This is due to the fact that they are programmed in a way to avoid fatigue. Furthermore, they have set of skills which eliminates errors and mistakes that humans usually commit. Recent research concluded that IA has decreased traffic accidents by three fold.

Hi Simon

I have three questions about writing task1.Thanks in advance if there is someone can help me to answer them!

1. Do we need to uniform in units of measure?
I mean if I wrote 10% before,then I must apply "%" to the entire essay and I cannot use like 20 "percent" after that.

2. In this sentence:... made up the largest percentage, its figure more than doubling that for...

Is the use of "doubling" right? My teacher told me "double" functions here as an adjective,so need to change it to "more than double...", but I think I used it as a nonfinite verb is also right, isn't it?

3. Do we need to avoid referring back to the graph when presenting data? Since my teacher told me this creates mechanical transitions between ideas.
For example,there are bar and pie graphs
In detaile paragraphs whether I should not write somethings like this:
it is clear from the bar chart that...
In the pie graph,...

But if I did not write this, how could I make the reader know which chart I was talking about?

Thank you for your time~


"figure more than doubling that" does not come up in google books, so use "figure more than double that", which does.



Chicago Manual of Style guidelines: "In nontechnical contexts, the word percent is generally used; in scientific and statistical copy, the symbol % is more common."

In their model answer British Council mix it up:
"An analysis of the data by level of education shows that higher levels of education correspond to higher levels of computer ownership in both of those years. In 2002, only around 15% of those who did not finish high school had a computer but this figure had trebled by 2010. There were also considerable increases, of approximately 30 percentage points, for those with a high school diploma or an unfinished college education (reaching 65% and 85% respectively in 2010). However, graduates and postgraduates proved to have the greatest level of ownership in 2010, at 90% and 95% respectively, 20 percentage points higher than in 2002. "

It is more important to focus on the main features and differences, trends and stages than to specify which chart contains the information.

Hi, Simon. i want to ask that can i use the structure to write task 1.
1,United Kingdom (UK) oil and natural gas production have grown on average almost 9% and 4% per year, respectively, from 2014 through 2016.(use"have grown on..."to describe "increase) t

2,the UK was the second-largest producer of petroleum and other liquids in 2016; only Norway produced more

3,since then prices and investment have declined, and production is likely to return to its long-term declining trend.( use this sentence to describe a line with upward trend that follows a downward trend

i am sorry, i just write a wrong sentence.
the correct one is i want to ask whether i can use the
following structure to write task 1...
thank you.

@ Vivian

1) https://www.google.com/search?q=%22have%20grown%20on%20average%22&tbm=bks&lr=lang_en&gws_rd=ssl

I would be careful with the tense here, as present perfect often equates to "up till now" or as the opening statement in a news item. Past simple "grew" might be safer.



3) Suggest you investigate the following verbs:

recover (slowly upward again after a heavy fall)

bottom out (referring to a trough)

peak (referring to a spike or top figure)

in decline







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