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May 29, 2018


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Have a wonderful holiday, Simon!

Have a nice vacation!

Wish you have an awesome holiday Simon!

Enjoy the vacation to the fullest!

Is it a correct sentence?

Enjoy your time off.

hey simon,

can i write only one advantage and one drawback,, in three type of advantages and disadvantages essay ?


It depends on what the questions asks for. If it asks for "advantages and disadvantages", that is, plural for each, then there must be more than one of each in your discussion.

If the question is less specific, then technically you are free to do as you see fit, although of course you will need enough material to develop and support your argument thoroughly.


Technically, that is, grammatically, yes, but it is not what people say. We are looking for natural language.

"Vacation" is more frequent in American English than "holiday", and in British publications it is the other way round.

"Have a great time" is a natural phrase, as the graphs below demonstrate.



take a week off

Have a great holiday, Simon!

Happy holidays! Simon.


Thanks for your excellent reply. However, I look forward to know whether 'the fullest' is correct in that sentence or it could be replaced by 'the full' or even by 'the most'. That is, which of the following sentences are correct?
1. Enjoy the vacation to the fullest.
2. Enjoy the vacation to the full.
3. Enjoy the vacation to the most.

Have a wonderful and advantageous holiday Simon.


I could not find "to the most" as a phrase for this type of usage.


having the short break is for the long walk . Dear Simon, hoping you have a wonderful holiday with your families


Thank you

Having a nice holiday!

I wish you a nice holoday


We usually use 'my' or 'your' with holidays and vacations that are taken personally. For a public holiday that everyone has, you can use 'the'.

For example:

I went to Spain for the Easter Break. (Everyone has the Easter Break)
Enjoy your vacation. (This is your personal vacation that you chose)


Thanks for correcting me.

have a lots fun & entertainment... energies yourself..best of luck.


Thanks for sending your holiday wishes! I'm trying to get back to normal now.

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