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June 10, 2018


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what about "I do agree"? is it correct?


Hello I'm from Samarkand, Uzbekistan. I've some problems with transferring the answers to an answer sheet. In other words, I'm hesitating whether I should write each of my answers using capital letters even when it should be written in small letters or can I use small letters when they're asked. Please write your suggestions fully soon.

can i write only one advantage and one drawback,, in three type of advantages and disadvantages essay?

Dear Simon,
May I have your kind attention regarding this True, False, Not given question below from Cambridge IELTS 13, Test 3, Passage 1:

Question 11 Coconut found on the west coast of America were a different type from those found on the east coast.

Relevant part of text from the passage

16th century trade and human migration patterns reveal that Arab traders and European sailors are likely to have moved coconuts from South and South East Asia to Africa and ten across the Atlantic to the east coast of America. But the origin of coconuts discovered along the west coast of America by 16th century sailors has been the subject of centuries of discussion. Two diametrically opposed origin have been proposed: that they came from Asia, or that they are native to America.


Hi, I read that as "not given" in the sense that there is no mention of them being a different type, although the origin might be different.

"Not given" is to me the hardest, as it is hard to be sure you have not missed the clue.

One way to practice the harder questions is to find CAE (Cambridge Adavanced English) practice tests online. The questions are similar but more consistently difficult, and helpful if you are aiming to achieve Band 7 plus. Here are some links:






hi Simon,

is there a difference in the preparation that needs to be done for the general and academic writing task 2?

i am preparing for the general test, should i work on the academic articles ?


British Council state:

"Write in a formal style in the IELTS Academic Writing test."

For Task 2 General: "You can use a fairly personal style."


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