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June 25, 2018


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Hi, Simon and guys here,

I would like to ask whether you've noticed some possible errors in the IELTS 13 book -- it's really disturbing to have found such errors in our "IELTS bibles". Here're what I have found:

1. In Test 3 Reading Passage 3, questions 27-31:
The instruction shows NB, but the answers are not repeated.
My understanding is that if there's an "NB", we ALWAYS need to use ONE letter more than once. It is the first time in the Cambridge IELTS test books that this rule is broken. I'm very confused and I don't know how to explain this to my students.

2. (This one is relatively minor.) In the sample answer given for Test 1 Task 2, the last sentence in examiner's comment says "the first sentence in the second paragraph is incomplete, but I don't see how that sentence is incomplete. In fact, I couldn't find any incomplete sentences in the whole essay. I do find some run-on sentences though.


1. The instruction says 'you MAY use any letter more than once'. This does not mean that you will, it just allows the candidate to do so if they wish. Just because in the past reading sections have done so, doesn't mean that it will always be the case.

2. It seems that the writer has started a new idea after the comma, 'and a person who came in the country', but the writer doesn't complete this idea.

sir,obviously better technique to get progress in reading.

Thank you for your tips.

Hi simon can we use different colours for underlining the text in the exam?

Hi Simon, IELTS in some countries now moves to computer-based test which is hard for any underlining. What is you opinion about this change and what should we do to adapt to this new change?

Thank you.


I don't think you will be allowed to take colours into the exam.



I need to find out more about the computer-based test. I don't know if there is a highlighting option.

Hey Simon,

Its possible to underline texts in the computer-based test. However, would not it be loss of time? How we can succeed in computer-based exams?

Thank you

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