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June 15, 2018


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Thank you for your everyday lessons!
Finally, I can get my target score, 7.0 in my third time!
What I have done for ielts is to do official tests and to follow your blog!
Also, the questions by other students who use this site were useful for me.
I adopt your exam strategies except reading; I start reading paragraphs straight because I cannot understand the meaning of the questions without reading allate paragraphs.
Last reading score was 8.5 in this way.
Anyway, your blog is so helpful for me!

Congratulations Saya. I'm glad my lessons helped you to pass!

my part 2 speaking question : describe your favorite song...

Dear Simon,
I am writing with regards to one question:
Is it still acceptable to speak 1:30 +/- 5 seconds in Speaking Part 2 to achieve 7 or it drammatically decreases the total score? It is quite ambiguous that in example interviews the examiner says the candidate should speak 1 to 2 minutes,yet many IELTS teachers advise to continue speaking unless the examiner stops to get higher score.

Thanks in advance!

Abdullayev Laziz :

"First, I don't recommend that you time yourself in the exam, so you shouldn't really know how long you spoke for. Examiners sometimes stop candidates when it is clear that the person has nothing left to say. If you spoke for at least one minute and said some good things, don't worry."


Dear Simon and all friends,

I'm getting ready to take IELTS test.

This is my draft for this task. (speaking part 2)
All comments are welcomed.

Thank you very much,

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