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June 22, 2018


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1. In my opinion it is very important for people to save some of their money. It gives some financial safety. Life is unpredictable and anything can happen (ex. car problem, sickness, etc.), however it also good to safe for something that one cannon afford at once like vacation or house purchase.
2. I totally support the idea of teaching children some financial management. That will help to understand the fact that money is a limited resource and some work has to be done in order to get it. By giving some pocket money to a kid for a fixed period of time can help with planning and being responsible for the choices.
3. I don’t agree on the statement that girls are better in money saving than boys. That totally depends on upbringing, character, ability to set goals and achieve thems, strength of the will and many other factors. At this day and age both female and man are equally involved in financial sector.

1. Personally, Everyone should set money aside just because it will help them to achieve their long-term goals such as: buy some essential insuarances, a flat,...moreover, you can be calmly solve the problems suchas unexpected incidents in the future. it's better to have a wise personal finance management.
2. to be honest, i totally agree with the view that children necessarily learn money managemnet skills. They are more conscious about their expense and the value of money, as a result. I used to spend my pocket money buying useless things until I got my first salary.

1) it is vital to save money, because we never know the future... I have always reminded by my parents to save something for the rainy day,because we have good days and we have bad days in our lives, and a successful person is someone who plans for his bad days, saves and invest accordingly.
2) in my opinion, it is of highest importance to teach children, how to use money. it is vital because a child's early years of life are like empty books, whatever we teach them it stays with them for the rest of their lives... i have a 7 years. old daughter, and i am focusing on to teach her about money as these days it has become very important.
3) yes i believe girls are good at saving money. i think its natural, girls are much smarter than boys nowadays, i am telling this, because i have a son and a daughter my daughter loves to save money whereas my son loves to spend it.

Dear Sir.
My writing skill is not good. I started improving it by picking up a topic to write. I have just done a topic about the causes of the traffic jam. Simon, I am writing to ask for your help. Would you mind scoring my paper, just this one to see how my writing is. Then, I will stick to this website to learn more about this skill. I am looking forward to receiving your reply. My writing is below.

Traffic congestion has become the major problem in most of the major cities in the globe. In my view, many causes leading to this problem such as increasing number of cars, failing in road management and disobeying the traffic law.
The increase of cars is the primary cause of the traffic jam. Due to the better development of every country and many encouraging methods in sale of companies, people are easy to get a car. They can buy one by making the installing payment or having loan from a bank to own it. This is the reason why a number of cars have increased every day. People have a tendency to drive their private vehicles to work or travel for their own interests. This causes the traffic congestion in the peak hour in the big cities like New York, Beijing and Ho Chi Minh City.
The failure of developing governments in taking action of road management is the second cause resulting in the traffic congestion. The road is not wide enough for many vehicles to travel. The traffic congestion often happens when the traffic lights do not work because the power is out. This shows that the government has failed in managing the road facilities and preparing the solutions for the emergency situation. Not taking better action on the road management will lead to the traffic congestion in many big cities.
The traffic congestion has occurred because people do not obey the traffic law. People might get accident if they drive at the high speed which is over the law allows. Many means of transportation will be stuck on the road when the traffic accident happens. In some countries, people do not conform to the traffic lights as driving. Looking to the right and left, if there have no policemen, they will cross the red light even. If many people take the same above action, the traffic jam will take place for sure. Disobeying the law will lead to the traffic congestion as the other causes.
To conclude, people living in the big cities in the globe has been facing with the traffic jam every day. This problem is caused by quite a few things like having many cars on the road, being weak in the road management and not respecting the traffic law.
I hope to receive your correction via my email.

1)It is vital for people especially the young children to save some of their money. This is because everyone should be aware that money is not free and one should manage financial well so as to get the things they want. For instance, if a kid wants to have a fluffy toy, he/she should be taught to save his/her pocket money as much as possible and then buy it. By doing so, they would know how to use money responsibly.
2)I absolutely support the view of teaching children to manage money. The reason for is that this is first step to tell the younger generation to be responsible for their own decisions and life. A good case here is that children who can manage their cash well are more likely to have better careers in adult life. So, little kids should know those useful skills to prepare for their future life.
3)Actually I am not sure about this statement because I think there is no gender difference in saving money. A girl or a boy who knows how to conserve money depends on his/her parenting style, school education, life experience, and self-consciousness. Generally speaking, children who had attend financial courses are more likely to recognize the importance of managing budget.

Nowadays many people save money because it is essential to buy some desirable things including new houses or they spend saved money on purchasing automobile or secure their future for children. It is also said that save something for rainy days. My grandmother always advice me that after receiving monthly salary we should always learn to save money before spending at all, in this way people can fulfill their wishes by using their savings. This is the reason of saving money.

From my prospective, all children should learn how to save before utilising all the money they spend in their daily routine. This exercise of saving could be more feasible to manage their money and would have a great opportunity to manage their budget in future. For example, if children become habitual of savings than of course in future they would be the great leaders of making budget and able to run their own expanses accordingly.

Not at all, I believe that boys are better than girls to save more money. Most of the girls don't save money because they rely own their parents and unable to do job in my country. Girls spend all their pocket money on purchasing cosmetics, jewelleries and expansive dresses. Whereas, boys have their secret bank accounts for saving an extra money. I personally experienced most of male who does have jobs has more saved money in contrast female. Therefore, male are more dominant for saving owing to more opportunities to earn money as compared to female.

1 )Nowadays people save money for several reasons.Firstly, it aids when people become sick.Secondly, it helps when buying a house or a car.For example,I bought a motorbike last year in my hometown from shopping mall.
2)I believe that it is essential to teach children how to save money.So it is recommended to make a pot in which partial amount of money is added everyday. After that,when the pot is full then money is taken out and a sum of money is accounted in the bank.For instance, my son has saved a lot of money by collecting from different occasions given by relatives.
3)Yes,I agree that girls are better at saving because they are more disciplined and they don't spend money on the unnecessary items.For instance,boys do expenses on different commodities when gathering but girls don't do.

1.I completely agree with that, because we cannot predict whether any accidental event will happen or not. In addition, it is also a crucial for people to learn how to manage their month, which is an indispensable part of our life. Moreover, I suppose this is a reason why we’re always taught to save money for a rainy day.
2.Definitely YES, firstly, I believe parents are responsible to teach their kids to learn how to organize their budget and allowance. By doing so, young people would be prepared for their future life. Secondly, this way of parenting also helps them to become a mature adult.
3.In my point of view, I believe girls are more extravagant than boys. Women would tend to be influenced by the latest items such as cosmetics, so that it may be more difficult to control their desires. By contrast, the biggest expenditure, in general , is household utilities. As a result, I suppose women always spend more money than boys.

1, I believe everyone should save some of their money. Because we never know what will happen in the future. You might have injury or disease and might become unemployment. If you did not save some money, you would not have paid the monthly bill and extra cost for medication or treatment fee.

2, Yes, Children should start handling some small amount of money when they are primary school age. It is essential to learn how to use and save money. This could give them a chance to gain some skills such as planning, organising and simple math. If they did not know how to handle money, they might have some problem using a credit card, or in some case, they might experience bankruptcy.

3, Well, It depends on the person. I do not think there is no difference between the gender. Because some girls are a shopaholic and they would love to spend money on fashion. Also, some boys tend to invest their money in cars and motorbikes. Only certain people could save and invest some of their money and they would have financial freedom in their life.

1. In my perspective, saving money is necessary for almost all persons for several reasons. Above all, it could be likely to be secure at any risks such as being hurt by accident, car accident, and getting illness. It is maily because we could easily deal with the situation in relative term.

2. I strongly believe how important we take advantage of our money in a reasonable way becasue the habit of spenping money is formed in childhood. In this approach, children have to learn how to spend their money. For instance, I used to heard from my mother to save and waste money when I was student at the elementary school. So, I was accustomed of saving my money in my money box. And, when I need supplies for lecture, I used my money and prepared it.

3.To be honest, I agree with the statement. Most young women have an inclination to be planned and patient compared with young men. These characteristic would permits girls not waste their money but make a rational use of it. For these reasons, girls have more chances to save money.

1. Personally, I think that everyone should learn the habit of saving money. It is because, Life is inpredictable and anything can happen. Also, Isn't it nice to have an extra money to cover up unexpected financial needs in the future? That's why, In my opinion, it is highly important for us, people, to save money.
2. I absolutely agree with the idea of teaching children in managing their finances. In this way, they can be independent and self reliant as they reach the adult stage. As a matter of fact, it's not at all times, they will get advise from their parents. So, It is best to teach them this method at an early age, for them to be able to know the value of money.
3. I don't see any gender preference when it comes to saving money. I believe it depends on the person's character and upbringing. I know some boys that's really good on managing their finances, and I also met girls who's best in budgeting their monthly spending. So it depends on the individual.

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