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July 27, 2018


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1. Do you like walking?

Yes, definitely. I prefer walking than any other type of transportation because walking allows me to enjoy the beauty of all the scenes that I go through.

2. Do you think walking is important?

Yes, I believe that walking is the most convenient way to keep our body active and healthy at a low cost.

3. Do you think walking in the countryside is better than walking in the city?

I don't see any reason why walking in the countryside is better. Many people would say that the countryside has fresher air and more beautiful sightseeing, but I would argue that walking in a lovely city like Paris or Hanoi is as interesting as any rural area.

4. What could be done to improve the experience of walking in cities?

I think the government should construct cities in a walking-friendlier way, such as pedestrianize certain streets or adding lanes for walkers

Dear Simon,
If I want to get band 8+ in Speaking, should I make Part 1 answers longer than what you suggest? In other words, should I try to 'show off' in Part 1?

Thank you for your attention!


No. Examiners don't like it when candidates give long answers in Part 1 because they have to interrupt them. Examiners have to ask 12 questions in under 5 minutes, and long answers make this difficult.

Also, 'longer' answers don't impress examiners. It is about quality, not quantity.

Thank you for your answer, Sjm.

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