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July 08, 2018


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I would like to thank you for introducing this link (www.phrases.org.uk). I find it so useful and practical.

Can we use this phrases in writing part also


The graphs below show that all the phrases are used in book publishing and are thus okay to use in IELTS writing. "In the long term", and "or vice versa" are more frequent, but all will sound natural in the right context.

For writing: don't -> do not
there's -> there is



"in the long run" is a more idiomatic phrase with the same meaning as "in the long term", and it is twice as common.

'a certain amount of money saved' : 6 results here

The most infamous use of "in the long run" was by John Maynard Keynes to justify short-term government intervention (and perhaps a whole generation of short-term thinking). Of course he overlooked the fact that our children have to live with the consequences of our actions, and the results have been and will be pretty dire in terms of environmental pollution.

"In the long run we are all dead" : John Maynard Keynes

Dear Cara, Thanks for your kind explanation


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