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August 25, 2018


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Hi everyone. I just took the test today but didn't do very well in Academic writing section, especially task 1. I ran out of time and did not complete task 1. The last paragraph needed 2 more sentences (I followed Simon's essay structure). So can anyone give me an estimated score for task 1 with my average score for task 1 was 6-6.5. I know I can't do anything to change the results but to wait for it, but at least it can help me to calm down and prepare next steps. Thank you!

so aggressive language , seems Simon has personally experienced it.



let it all out Simon, let it all out.
we are on your side:)

But anyway, an excellent answer and it contains many awesome phrases.

I did let my imagination run free for this one! Luckily I don't go to that gym!

Thank you so much. What a great letter!

thank you

thank you for your letter simon. it is great. while comparing to my letter in real ielts exam, yours look like novel. i admire you :)

In a part of a sentence "some form of compensation for members", is the word "form" right? I think it should be "forms".

he li

"Some" here is being used in the sense of "one but unspecified" so is followed by a singular noun (as in some-one, some-thing, some person): meaning #4 here:


2) "some form of compensation" is by far the more common:



3) "some forms of compensation" is possible if we are discussing or comparing various different types.

Overall, Simon is saying the members deserve compensation, but is not insisting on one particular type, or dictating exactly what form this should take. For example, either a partial refund, or free training, or free towels - it does not matter as long as there is some type of compensation.

@Beyonce Thank you for taking the time to make the detailed explanation

I think GT writing 1 is much harder than academic writing 1.

Hi Simon, i am following your page since 2014. I also recommend my friends to follow ur page. Do u have any ebook for gt writting part 1? This is my email: [email protected]. Please reply me

Hi Ussal,

I don't have an ebook for GT task 1, but I've made some video lessons that cover everything you need to know about it.

Look for the GT task 1 videos near the bottom of the page linked below:


is the spelling of mold is correct????

Hi Simon! Can u please solve my query . we usually write " I am writing this letter to express my dissatisfaction". Can i use word ' manifest' in place of 'express' in this context?


"mould" is the British spelling, and "mold" the American spelling (according to my dictionary).



No, I wouldn't use 'manifest' there. It seems too strange - nobody would really write that.

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to complain about the unacceptable condition of the female locker room at your facility.

I have been your gym member since March 2018. Although I enjoy using fitness equipment and attending your group classes, There are some problems related to the female locker room. Main problem is that common areas and toilets are not clean nor hygenic, and I have seen so many times hairs and dirts on the floors,particulary at busy hours such as weekdays after 5pm. What is worst, it is very hard to find toilet papers in restrooms which is a basic need of every human in toilets.

Therefore, this makes me think that you do not care about your customers and their well-being and this is very dissappointing. As a well-known sport complex, you should put your customer needs and expectations at the centre of your business, particularly their health.

In order to tackle these issues, I believe you should warn your staff who are responsible for cleaning the changing rooms and I strongly recommend that you should increase the number of your staff working at busy hours so that they can check toilet papers and cleanless of the toilets more regularly.

I look forward to seeing some improvements, and I hope you can urgently take actions to combat these problems,

Your sincerely,
Mike Johnson

Hello Simon,

My tutor advised me to use contractions while writing informal letters. is it a must ? I would appreciate, if you could make it clear.


I agree with your tutor. When writing an informal letter to a friend, I would write things like: I'm, don't, isn't, it's. This is typical informal style, so I recommend that you practise it.

Here's a free video lesson about the letter writing task. It gives you the main things that you need to be ready for:


I really liked "paint is peeling off the wall" and "mould and mildew".

Dear Simon,

I received my result today and achieved the targeted score in 1st attempt. Overall score 8 - LRWS 8.5 9 7 7. I referred all your writing advise and this would have not been possible without your guidance. Thank you very much for all the posts and I appreciate your efforts.

Hello Simon,

It has been a long time since you posted on GT part. Please do not neglect your followers who need to take GT Ielts.

Thank you !!

Dear Simon,

It would be great if you could do one or two GT part-1 essays. One formal and one informal letters would refresh the atmosphere for those taking GT tests like me.

Best regards,

Carmen and Nguyen,

You're right - I haven't done a GT task 1 lesson for a while. I'll remedy that this weekend!

Dear Simon,

It's great to hear. I'm looking forward to your posts!


Dear sir
i am write to you to Complaint about unacceptable behavior of swimming coach
he seems not interested and all times just set watching TV and not give any advice . also he not have any commitment in days lessons time we have being try tell him by another way you should be more concerned about customers
the neglected of customers Complaint will make us change this is place because you seemed more important about profit than customer satisfied you should put you customers needs and expectation in middle of your business
i looking forward to see urgent change in this is matter .
your sincerely

Dear Simon,

My tutor advice me to give introduction of myself after the purpose of formal and semiformal letters in first paragraph, please make sure that it's correct or not?

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to lodge a complaint about the unacceptable condition of make changing room at your Sports Complex.

I have been visiting your gym room for several years now, and it would appear that no adequate maintenance work has been conducted properly. As a result, the paintings at ceilings and walls are peeling off. Most importantly, there is full of mould and mildew growing around the shower areas which would undermine the hygienic condition at the changing room.

The neglected and shabby condition of the changing room is dissatisfactory to all members, while several comments had been provided previously with no further feedback improvement. I would recommend you to take immediate action to address the issue of changing room, while entire refurbishment is necessary to keep your reputation intact. It is also worthwhile to employ extra cleaning staffs to maintain the hygiene of changing room.

Thank you for giving this matter top priority and I am hoping that you could consider my suggestion in order to enhance the customer experience and reputation of your company.

Yours Faithfully,

Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing this letter to explain the inappropriate situation of changings room in sport centre. I have been using this sport centre almost every other day after 6.30 pm since last year. I choose this sport centre, because of great facilities and short distance of this complex to my residential area. However, recently I found that changings room is very messy especially afternoon. I was told that sport complex has been rented to youth club till 5 pm and so, it seems they don’t make the sport centre clean after their exercise.
Moreover, I found that the cleaners have finished their duty by 6pm, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the condition of changings room isn’t appropriate.
I would like to offer my two suggestions to manager of complex in order to improve the current situation. I think it is better to discuss this issue with youth club, and make them committed to keep the changings room clean or make it clean after the working out. Secondly, you can also extend the working hour of cleaners or increase the shift of cleaner from 2 to 3.
Finally, I just share my concern in above paragraphs and I know that one of the main priority of manager is maintaining the good condition of complex.
In advance I am grateful for your investigation and I hope the situation of changing room is going to get better as soon as possible.

Hello Simon,

I wonder that the verb in the clause after “suggest” has to be infinitive form?

Thanks for your confirmation.

I would appreciate your thoughts on the following letter:

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to bring to your attention the inappropriate condition of the changing room in your sports facility.

As one of your oldest customers, I would like to express my concerns that I do not feel safe to leave my belongings in the lockers of the changing room anymore as many of them can get opened by applying a little force. Moreover, I can smell strong odors in the changing room more often, which sometimes lead me to change my clothes somewhere else. Finally, I would like to complain about the way your employees clean the floor. Some areas are very slippery to walk on, and I have to be very cautious to prevent from falling down.

I am dissatisfied about the way to manage the changing room and would like you to rectify the situation as soon as possible. I suggest you to start with inspecting all the lockers to ensure that their locking mechanism is working properly. The next step would be installing some fans to help circulate the air inside that space appropriately. My last suggestion is to advice your employees clean the floors more often and place signs at locations that are slippery.

I trust you will act quickly to address these problems.

Sincerely yours,

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