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August 24, 2018


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I like taking photographs of the nature.

Hi Simon! I took an IELTS exam on August 11 and got my results today. It is 8 overall (L/7.5, R/8, W/7.5, S/8) and it was my second attempt. Last year I got 7 overall. I'd like to thank you for this great website as I used it a lot during the preparation. It helped me especially in writing and speaking. Thanks a lot!

Congratulations Seadet. Great scores! I'm glad my lessons helped you to do so well.

Mostly I capture the photos having some genuine information posted on notice board or any other new place where I cannot memorize some dates or data specially the meeting schedules, signboards or invitations cards.

I took the photo for gathering an authentic information and I use it for reminding my regular schedules when I open my mobile gallery and as date pass I delete them.

Whenever, I go to outside, I don’t like to take many photos but sometimes I try to capture the most important pictures through my friends.

If I know someone is taking my photos than I don’t like it but if I don’t know about taking my photos during work or other activity than it is good because it shows some natural actions and pauses which l like to see myself after some days.

There are numerous iconic photos but one my favourite photo throughout my life which is unforgettable for me is my bachelor degree awarding photo.

This photo was taken during the 6th convocation in 2012 for receiving the bachelor degree in engineering. The convocation was arranged by university where all the passing out parade were gathered. The delegates from various universities including vice chancellors, Deans and the chief of guest was a Governer of my province and worthy teachers had attended the ceremony. I was sitting with my father and observing the well managed and organised event. As convocation started, all the position holder students were called and sequenced for distributing their award of achievement. I was standing in the first row and on second number. As they called the first candidate for receiving his award I have learnt to receive my degree and award procedure.
The speaker called my named and I walked to dice where Vice Chancellor shaked my hand and congratulated me and than Governer decorated with me a Medal and awarded the degree. During this moment a professional photographer had directed me to stay in between for capturing some photos along with my father. After few days I collected this photo from administration block and I have framed this photo. Moreover, this photo reminds me the successful achievements memories and also encourage me.
I always feel proud when I see this photo. Even I show this photo to my friends when they visit my room. So this is an outstanding movement for me for the rest of my life.

Part 3
I believe that many people capture their photos because they save their important movements through camera and later on they feel pleasure when the see them self after a short or long time. For example, attended wedding ceremony, birthday memories and other events are all their earnings with different people.

2. Yes, in my opinion it is more important to hire a professional photographer than non professional. This is because a good professional photographer knows the ethics of capturing different photos on some kind of occasions. Such as, during wedding ceremony he is more trained to take the photos with different angles and in different situations with high quality of camera. Sometimes, people want an especial moments to be captured which could be described by a highly professional photographer.

3. There are some benifits of taking photos via mobile phone. Firstly, it is easily operated for every one and can capture the photos by adjusting many features. While normal camera is
difficult to on and off. Secondly, the mobile camera is cheaper and widely available to everyone and can put in a pocket as compared to normal camera. Finally,the mobile camera has many features to share with friends and family photos just after taking at any place.

Hi Simon,
I just finished my speaking test and want to give some feedbacks.

1.I followed your advice in the video courses. I tried to make the answers in Part One short but when I accidentally talked long, the examiner didn't interrupt me. However when I tried to give long answers in Part Three, he did interrupt, and I didn't get the chance to give an example for most of the questions. That surprised me a little.

2.And I also want to ask what I should do during the exam when I misunderstand the topic but later release my mistakes. For example today, I took the "plant" for "plan" in the first two questions of Part One, but then I corrected it. This question seems childish, but I just wonder if I could do something to make up for it.

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