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September 14, 2018


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On the other hand, it is not true for everybody. I personally do not like to click my photos on most of the cases.

However, some people dont like taking photos, and they believe that it better to enjoy the moments with whatever you do, enjoy the moment

Sir is it necessary to get result for every examples like in our writing task or speaking part 3 as i heard if we give any example for instance animal testing helps to advance medical and scientific knowledge and explain it and in the last is it important to get result it

having said that, photos are now being taken to prove self worth to others. I dont think it is good to share your images as much as you can instead of sharing knowledge.

However, some people just want to show off themselves. They tend to post all their photos on their Facebook in order to get friends' attention.

Moreover,people capture others photos because they want to see them self with different personality on different occasions. Such as, people are interested to take photos of others with celebrities, film stars or politicians when they meet with them.

But at the same time i recognise some people they do not like to selfies such as my wife. She thinks that selfie is nonsence activity.

On the other hand, taking too much photos mean you couldn't fully enjoy the moment because you can not 100 percent focused on your special day. For example, you can keep the memory by taking concert video of your favourite singer but it also means that you were distracted by doing that.

Another reason maybe is to attract other poeple's attention. Nowadays, many people like updating their social media with the latest photos about where they went and what they did. After they upload the photos, others may give a thumbs up or leave a comment like " It's fantastic!" which even offer them an opportunity to discuss the interesting topic they are interested in.

Apart from that, some people tend to share their joyful moments with their friends and family members through social media. Instagram, for example, provides a platform for sharing photos, using which many of my friends either share their moments or follow-up on other fellows memories.

Why do you think people like taking photos of themselves and others?

I think there are two reasons why people like doing that. One is to record beautiful sceneries and unusual times which is a hobby to some people. Another is to share the pictures on social media, such as Twitter, Instagram for seeking the sense of the existence. In my opinion, many people now take photos for the latter reason. For example, every day, when I open Moments, a function in Wechat like Twitter, I will see so many people's selfies with empty Inspirational words which I am really fed up with. I realise they would not stop posting those selfies day by day because they are so lonely and need people to notice them. Lmao

If there were no photos like those, people could forget what happened in their lives easily and would have no idea of how awesome they were or how fantastic their lives used to be.

If people didn't take photos of themselves, they would have nothing to show their descendants what they have experienced.

On the other hand, some people might not get a kick out of taking picture. They might believe that they can more concentrate on the precious moment in real, not through lenses.

Hello Simon,

Is it ok to slangs, colloquial or informal terms like " at the eleventh hpur instead of leave sth until the last minute " in inspeaking ? Or phrasal verbs , proverb like broke down , a pain in the neck or proverb ?


Slang is best avoided in the speaking test interview, just the same as in a job interview. It is too informal, ephemeral, and may give the impression that you do not know the proper word.

Parts two and three are generally more formal, similar to a university tutorial or discussion, or a business meeting. This still means that many phrasal verbs and other expressions will be normal.

It is unwise to go into the speaking test with the idea of deliberately seeking to drop some pre-learned phrases into the conversation. It is better to focus on answering the question properly and fully.

On the other hand, Some people don't like taking photos because they feel it's important to enjoy the moment rather than spend quality time taking pictures and miss the actual fun.

However, some people might not like taking picture. They might believe shooting eats their precious time, and distracts them from full enjoying the moment in real.

As opposed to this, I don't really like to take photos when I'm visiting attractions. I just enjoy the sightseeing and relax myself.

People like to click their selfies as well as others' because it makes them feel good as and whenever they look at them. As we know pictures or photographs hide all those scars n impurities that are easily seen on their faces while looking into the mirror. So some people like me get their confidence boosted as they feel nice after looking at their selfies as well as the likes and comments they receive from their friends. And above all, they can cherish them in the form of their golden moments which help them to lift their mood up whenever they feel low. Not only this but they also feel blessed when they get so many likes from their near n dear ones which realises them that they have so many in this world who pays them attention.

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