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October 14, 2018


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What do you think about how much time wr should spend to take our test i mean is 2 month is enough to prepare ourself?

Dear Simon,
Which one would be more better to write an essay from following;

1.Typing on computer
2.By hand writing


IELTS is designed to assess your level of English rather than your exam technique.

For reading and listening, once you have done a few practice tests and are familiar with the format, improving your general vocabulary and listening skills become more important.

For the speaking and writing tests, again once you know the format and what the examiners are looking for, it is more a matter of improving vocabulary, accuracy, and ability to put a point across clearly. If you are already used to writing documentation and reports on a daily basis, and using English in business-style meetings as part of your work, then extensive preparation might be unnecessary; but most candidates do not have this background and so need practice and feedback to up their game. So it all depends on your current level.

Just my thoughts.


The other factor is your own first language. English shares much vocabulary and the use of articles with several West European languages, which makes things much easier and quicker. If your first language is not French/Spanish/Portuguese etc, it can take much, much longer to acquire the necessary vocabulary, and be able to use articles properly.

Hello simon
Do you write the model answer for this? I could not find it.

it is true that planning is essential in writing but in exam conditions, fear of time limit makes me panic. i immediately start to write after i read question. when i finish indroduction and first paragraph, new ideas come to my mind. but it is too late. because a lot of time passed. i can't erase and re-write at that time. so, i continue to write and finish my essay which i don't appreciate :D

Yes your right

Hello Simon
I have taken IELTS test for many times so far, and scores for reading and listinging were relatively stable and good. The score for the IELTS test that I took in 11 October was R:8 L:8 W:6 S:6. I spend lots of time learning and practising IELTS writing and speaking, but each time my score for writting is only 6, and I never get 6.5 for it. I need 6.5 for each single band at least, and 7 for overall band. How can I get 6.5 at least for writting and speaking? Thank you very much!

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