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October 09, 2018


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1. After watching the video once, the main content that I take is the method to communicate with a listener. In the method, there are 4 main factors that need to be considered and especially the structures: Past -present - future,problems -solutions - benefits and what -so what - how what.
tks simon!

An article in Cambridge IELTS 9, General Test B wrote about How to Prepare for a Presentation. Interesting to read, though.

I've posted my comment below, but today I cannot see it. I wonder why it may be deleted because my comment is too long.

I found his talk quite easy to hear and understand quite well at the same time. Good talk!

1. the speaker gets audience attention by stating" people hate me, people scare me"
2. this talk is really helpful, not only provide a bunch of good vocabulary, but also the techniques we can use to make our daily conversation more interesting.
3. I do think that in speaking and writing style: structure is the most important thing that we need to apply, because structure keeps people together and in line ( as the speaker said).
4. for me, Simon' lessons are always in structure. I feel lucky to find your website. It helps me a lot in my learning process.
5. the speaker'talk is rich in vocabulary:
- approach in open way
- put me in service of my audience
- raise my voice and lower my voice
- are they in favor of it
- are they against it
- context comes in a bunch of different varieties..
- what time of day are you communicating ( this is quite simple, but, before this talk, to be honest, i dont know how to express it, when i want to ask someone....)
- be amped up on their food...: i would never know that " amped" = excited until I watched this talk.
- stop dead in the tracks.
- ......
4 tips and techniques from the talk:
- approach communication in an open way.
- what does audience need? asked your self " who are they? -> need to know their expectations.
- appreciate audience.
- consider the time when u talk.
- emotion.
- location.
STRUCTURE: information is put in a way for easy to remember.
- past -> present -> future
- issue -> solve -> benefit
- what -> so what -> what is coming.

My mistake
- people fear me ( not people scare me)!!!!

help our messages get across (to be communicated or understood)
move in with each other (to start living with each other)
to make concessions to collaborate
take a perspective of openness
put sb in service of
conform to those expectaions
violating their expectations
to no avail (no success)
stop dead in their tracks (stop doing st)
food coma experience (A state of sleep or extreme lethargy induced by the consumption of a large amount of food)
dead tired (totally exhausted)
barely move, let alone think (barely think, either)
amped up on (excited about)


Good work guys, especially the comment from hang - thanks for trying to answer all of my questions!


I'm sorry if your comment didn't appear. Sometimes my website provider's spam filter gets it wrong!

for a beginner, I should listen with or without subtitles?

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