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October 08, 2018


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Completely Agree for technique and it works best for me. But my question is that Can I practice Academic reading passages for general training? Sometimes it is very disappointing as Academic passages take too much time and are difficult to score well.

Hello Simon,

I will take the general tranining exam in 2 months. As you know, writing task 2 academic and general also are different while essay types are similar. There are limited GT writing task 2 examples on your blog. Should I work on academic Writing task 2 section ou your blog ? what do you recommend for GT test takers ?

Hello, Simon
could you please write a model answer for this question?

Today, the high sales of popular consumer goods reflect the power of advertising and not the real needs of the society in which they are sold. To what extent do you agree or disagree?



Yes, you can. If you can do the academic tests, the general tests will seem easy!



I don't teach GT task 2 academic and general separately. I treat them as the same. So, all of my writing task 2 advice, lessons and materials can be used for General IELTS task 2.



I thought I had done an essay for that question, but it looks like I haven't! Maybe I did it in one of my "live" lessons.

I'll come back to that question soon. For now, here is a related lesson that might help you with ideas:


Hi Simon

Thank you very much for this good topic.

I will be glad if any one have idea below issue.

Both exam will be sufficient for me, of course GT easier than but, for reading section, if you got to 6.5 point you have to do 27 correct at ACADEMIC Test, nonetheless at the GENERAL TRAINING you have to do 32 correct answer.

Anyone can make comparison this two separate situation ?

Thanks, Onur

Onur B

If you have the choice, I would suggest thinking about the writing test, and choosing General or Academic based on that. If you find it easier to write a letter than report on statistics, then go with General. The Task 2 essay in the General paper is allowed to be "a little more personal in style". This presumably means that less formal language such as the following would not be penalized:

a) It is a matter of 'swings and roundabouts'.

b) It is a case of 'horses for courses'.

c) The proposals seem somewhat 'hit-and-miss'.

@ Sunita

Great point! Can you please elaborate 'How markings of General writing different than Academic writing?' Are there some leverages allowed in General writings? If yes, what are those? Thanks!

@ Vishaal

The band descriptors (public) for Writing Task 2 make no distinction between General Training and Academic.

The British Council page below states that for General Training Task 2, "You can use a fairly personal style", from which one might infer that this is slightly different to the Academic module.

I was hoping that Mr Simon or Mr Sjm might shed some light on what that might indicate, especially in view of the marking criteria being the same.

Thanks Sunita for your comments. Onur B

Dear Simon,

I will take the Academic exam soon.General Training reading samples are easier than Academic ones.Could you tell me how can I study Academic reading?

Thank you

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