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October 26, 2018


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I attended three times exam, but I got all 5.0 points , I felt quite upset. Could you give me some advice or Would you like to be a partner with me

Thank you in advance

Sup Simon,

got 8 academic overall, had a solid background, your tips are pretty good looking forward to purchase your pdf about ielts writing if it has a 8-9 band section, if you have that, since that part is kinda tricky, gotta work on it,cheers.

@Keep Up The Good Work! Cheers

do you have any collection for writing task 2?
what is your writing score?

1.yes, I did. I had watched a series of music programs on TV when I was young. I used to sing on special occasions like birthday, wedding and so on. More interestingly I liked to perform music in front of mirrors in the time when nobody at home.

2. Barely I sing nowadays because I am busy with my daily stuff such as study, office and other responsibilities. However, I try a little bit whenever I get spare time.

3. yes. I have a plenty of favorite songs that I really like to listen. One of my most choices is Counting Stars by OneRepublic.

4. Singing is a cultural and traditional exercise for years, not only in my country but the countries all over the world. In this sense,singing song is very crucial.


"Barely sing" suggests more that someone sings in a whisper and hardly makes any sound at all, whilst mouthing the words. -> I seldom sing


1. Yes I did. I relished singing children’s song. Actually at some point, I joined the singing group of my elementary school, and later made it onto the school team which was supposed to compete with other teams.

2. I sing once in a blue moon now! And that’s because I have a hectic life which prevents me from indulging in leisure activities like singing.

3. Yes; I listen to a traditional song of my country. It really invites my passion and helps me clear up the chaos in my mind.

4. Singing is of vital importance in my culture. People in my country sing songs to express their emotions.for example in a wedding party we sing songs which pump us up, so as to dance till late at night! Conversely those who have lost a beloved one communicate their grief via the sad songs they sing in funeral.

3.incites* my passion

1. No, I weren't keen on singing when I were a school girl actually. Because as a student, I was supposed to perform it in front of many audiences during school activities which made me feel not comfortable.
2. I am quite busy because I have many commitments to do now but I usua sing in non formal meetings occasionally such as birthday party which we will take turn to sing along with music video by using microphone which is well know as karaoke.
3. Yes, I have a bunch of favourite songs which is played during my study because I find it helps me to concentrate more on my learning.
4. Well, in my opinion I think singing or music really brings astonishing effects to everyone in my culture, nowadays people can sing daily if they want, because music make us feel relaxed if we sing music type that we like.

1. I did. When I was young my dad bought a karaoke, so I tend to practice singing during weekends, unfortunately its not my line. But because I was young then, I don't really care, I just enjoy singing even if others would'nt like to hear my voice.
2.As often as necessary. I need to sing for my baby every time I put him to sleep.
3.My favourite now is to listen to christian songs. I use to turn the music on when I wake up in the morning and also, when I drive going to work or somewhere else.
4.Almost all people sing in my country, I guess that is our tradition. Filipino loves to sing in events like birthdays,weddings and even before we start to work we sing our national anthem. So it is really a part of our daily lives.

1. Did you enjoy singing when you were younger?
No I didn’t! Infect, I never thought of participating in the singing competitions during my school or university education.

2. How often do you sing now?
I don’t sing at all. I think I’m not gifted with this talent. Honestly speaking, I am a horrible singer.

3. Do you have a favourite song you like listening to?
Yes definitely! I love the song ‘There’s no easy way out, there’s no short come home’ from Rocky IV movie. I think it is very close to my heart and gives me the motivation to work for the difficult goals of mine.

4. How important is singing in your culture?
I think singing has a special place in my culture. People in my culture sing lots of songs during big celebrations like weddings. For instance, my mother and aunt sang lots of cultural songs during my wedding.

Positive Answer:

1. Yes I did! I sang lots of patriotic songs during my school time. I can say proudly that I was a popular singer in my school.
2. I rarely sing these days. As I am very much busy with my office work, study and other personal responsibilities, I hardly get a free time to sing.
3. Yes definitely I have! I love to listen ‘‘There’s no easy way out, there’s no short come home’ song from Rocky IV movie when I get a free time.
4. I think singing is of paramount importance in my culture. People in India love to sing cultural songs in special occasions like Wedding. Although they are not good singers, they sing marriage songs all the night before wedding day.

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