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October 05, 2018


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It seems that the total number of words in this example doesn't allow students to finish speaking in a comfortable, fluent way. The example should be simplified.

Nice. At first, it is quite difficult to speak. However, i have tried more than 3 times and can speak fluently in about 2.30 minutes. Some long sentences can be reduced to make easy for speaking. Tks.
2 days before my speaking test.:)

Nice job again Simon. So the same old routine for me to memorize the collocations.

OK, I am going to talk about a photo of mine which was taken when I played a football game in my high school days. It was the third year of my high school, and I was a member of my class football team. At that time, on the school's football pitch, we were playing in the semi-final of the football tournament on behalf of our own class. The tournament was held annually in my school, having 10 class teams competing each year.

In the photo, I am wearing an AC Milan shirt, dribbling along the sideline, trying to break through the defence of two opposing players. The condition of the pitch was quite poor because it is a bare, cracked pitch. So you can imagine players would easily get injured when they tripped and fell on this pitch.

Anyway, I cannot remember who took this photo at that moment. I guess it might be taken by one of my classmates who was responsible for photographing the competition. Around a week after this game, I received this photo of mine. When I first saw this photo, I recognised that it happened around 10 seconds before we got the only score in this game which helped us enter the final. It was me at that time passing the ball to assist the goal.

The reason why I like this photo is that it always reminds me of my high school years. During that time, although I had heavy learning tasks, nothing could hinder me from chasing my passion for playing football. In those days, nearly every day, if the weather was not too bad, I would go to that poor field to play football.

Hi Simon,
I took a speaking test but in part 2, for example:talk about a complaint and you satisfied with the complaint. However, I went off the topic and made conclusion of dissatisfied with my complaint. So, how does it affected my result?
Thank for your reply.

A good law

OK, I am going to talk about the law of drunk driving in China. In May 2011, China’s criminal law was amended to make drunk driving a criminal offence. Since then, if you drink and drive, you will be fined or be sentenced to imprisonment.

Generally speaking, when a driver waits for a traffic light, he or she might be unexpectedly stopped by police to do a roadside breath test. If they fail breathalyzer tests, then they will be taken to the police station to do a blood test.

According to their blood alcohol concentration exceeding the legal limit, drunk drivers would be penalized accordingly. The penalty includes a fine ranging from 500 to 2000 RMB, a license suspension ranging from 1 month to 6 months, and sometimes even a 15-day jail sentence if your BAC is very high.

When it comes to the pros and cons of the law, in my opinion, undoubtedly, this law amendment must be beneficial to improve our road safety. Because in the past, alcohol had been a main contributor to road collisions in our cities. So, it is necessary for the government to impose tough penalties to tackle drink driving. However, for those who love drinking, this change must be a hit, especially some of them need to drive in daily life.

Unfortunately, one of my friends was jailed for 15 days for drink-driving several years ago. Because of this criminal penalty, he was fired by his company at that time. Since then, I began to become discreet to avoid drink-driving.

its nice n easy to understand the whole pattern.thanks

MR SIMON,As i obey your guide line about speaking part 2 tips,i wonder it really does work.more i m feeling confident than before.thanks


Whether a certain exam technique works or not really depends on you. If you feel confident with a certain way of answering, and you've practised it, it should work!

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