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October 20, 2018


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i have a notebook which i write down collocations/phrases. they are easy to understand but hard to use. most of them dont come to my mind while speaking or writing. they need deep knowledge and usage.

Thank you Simon, I love the way you use rhetorical questions in the article,I will have to use them some time in the near future.I always got something back whenever I come here.Your blog is amazingly helpful.Thank you very much.

I write down exactly whatever you write daily at night.Then review it next morning while having breakfast. I really enjoy this, and am trying to turn your mind into mine. ^_^ ^_^

Sir, your words and phrases are almost half sentences, but I have learnt only words for vocabulary from my education system in the country.So I could not use your collections in my writing for specific topics and speaking.That's why it is less comfortable for your phrases to use in real answers.Hope, I will be habitual from your teaching vocabulary.

Thank you Simon.
Coincidentally, I have had an Idea that is going to be practiced from today, is the same your idea of vocabulary learning. This is that I will decide my notebook into sections which contain the particular topics. There are vocabularies, phrase, questions, answers and so on , which are discussed about the topic only. It is like a vocabulary_topic ecosystem that help me focus on and link each other and especially not confused much IELTS stuffs.

Hello simons,
May I understand that the best way to learn vocabulary is topic learning.
Could you share to me how many topic there are and what they are.
Could you please add the "topic name" at every post name in the group "Vocabulary/Grammar" that help me a lot when I search for topic vocabulary.
Thank you so much.

collector-collect -collection / collect -share -use-review/ get dusty / review my collections .I’ll try to use them all in my daily conversation.Thank you.

It's a bit ironic how some people and other English teachers force English students to memorize hundreds upon hundreds of words.

If you are one of the many doing this "memorization" method, ask yourself this question, "Did my parents force me to learn thousands of words for me to properly use my mother tongue?" Surely the answer is NO.

Please do understand that like any other language, English is by essence part of a culture. You do not learn a culture by memorizing things, you learn by experiencing it. Thus, it is just logical to learn English by using the language everyday and by immersing yourself with it.

Forget your language and start using English if you want to learn it. Stop translating and start using English-English dictionaries. Read English articles, listen to English conversation, get a tutor or a teacher to check your Grammar in writing.

I may sound harsh but this is reality.

i wonder when i will be able to use collocations like i use the verb "get".

@Hoang Thi Cuc

the specific topics are likely to be
1. Education
2. Science and Technologies
3. Global weather and Global warming and their impacts.
4. Business and Entrepreneurship
4. Ocean Research, Ocean's life, and Ocean Pollution
5. Environment pollution and urban Pollution
6. human lifestyle
7. Space and universe
8. wildlife and conservation and their Extinction
9. Environmental hazards
10. history, cultures and traditions
11. Products, consumption, demands, and trends.
12. Contemporary Issues

you can read newspapers and articles according to the topics.

hello,Simon, Thanks a lot for ur blog, and i will follow you from now on, you are mine now.

while copying new words to my vocabulary notebook, i always write them with example sentences and when i repeat them over and over again, i learn by heart not only the word itself, but with example. This method allows me to know when, how and in what situations i can use them correctly, appropriately!

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