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October 21, 2018


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Thank you, Simon. I love your website !

can we right does not need to be replaced instead of does not need replacing?



That's a yes from me then. We can write either.


I want to ask, 'How reliable the band scores, given for sample essays and letters in Cambridge IELTS books, are? I observed that many weak essays and letters show 6 bands.


How are you evaluating what is a "weak" essay? Are you using the public band descriptors?


It is necessary to first arrive at a score for each component (TR/CC/LR/GRA) and then average them, rounding up to the nearest half band. There is also a downward adjustment if the submission is under-length.

I know public can be both noun and adjective.
so can I conclude that the below phrases are all correct?

Public's attention
public attention
public's health
public health


When used as a noun, "public" is preceded by "the".

"the public's attention" and "the public's health" are (much) less common than "public attention" and "public health".



BTW as an adjective "below" follows the noun -> the phrases below.

Tnx Khe...

BTW, below is an adverb, but I'm agree with you. It's preferred be after the noun.

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