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October 25, 2018


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quote:the resulting mixture is ground
Excuse me, what does GROUND mean here, is it working as a noun here?


to grind: past= ground, participle= ground


"grinded" does occur in some books, but is very much less common.

Simon sir,
I humbly request you to include your writing and speaking model answers with band descriptors in the end. I mean to say "what the examiners are looking for" so that we, intermediate level students, understand well and it is very beneficial for us to write in the same as per your guideline.Hope, you will read my post and consider it.Thank you so much for helping us.

Hi Simon, this is very impressing you have written the task. I got an idea now how to present this task. I wanted to thank you for this service you are providing to the students.

Hi Simon, In the first paragraph shouldn't it be "the process of cement manufacturing?" instead of cement manufacture.


The two given diagram shows the process and the tools used to manufacture concrete, and how cement is engaged in manufacturing concrete for construction needs.

The first stage of producing cement is by crushing 2 martial namely Limestone and Clay after they are crushed they will go into a mixer along with the powder. Afterwards, all the mixed items will be processed in a rotating heater, where the heat is generated by a heater. The final step after the heating process is grinding, and then cement is ready to be bagged and shipped.

The second diagram draws attention to the formula of producing concrete by mixing 10%water, 15% cement, 25% sand, and 50% gravel into a concrete blender, then after the blind process is finished the concrete is ready for construction use.

Overall, there are five steps to produce cement. Also, in order for concrete to be produced, it requires at least 15% of cement.

Well done,

why did you write "crushed to form A powder"? Is 'powder' a countable noun?


'Powder' can be countable or uncountable. In this case I'm referring to "one particular type of powder" (countable), not an amount of powder (uncountable).

Thank you, Simon!

Please kindly make corrections and give an approximate of my band score.
Thank you!

The diagrams give information about the steps utilized in the manufacture of cement. It also illustrates how concrete is produced.

Overall, the process of making cement begins with two raw materials passing through five stages, and the packaging of the finished product in bags. For the production of concrete only four ingredients are required.

Lime stone and clay are introduced into a crusher which converts them to powder.
The powder passes through a mixer before entering the rotating heater. While in the rotating heater, it undergoes a constant rotatory motion with the simultaneous action of heat. The resultant material goes into a grinder to be ground into the finished product, cement.
The cement is then packaged into bags for use.

Four ingredients are required for the manufacturing of concrete, 15% cement being one of them. The remaining are : water ( 10%), sand (25%), and gravel (50%). These raw materials are put together into a concrete mixer to yield concrete.

Thank you for your lecture.

I changed this to "limestone and clay are crushed in powder" at first body.

Is it okay?

To be honest I don't get it "crushed to from a powder"


Thank you for your model answer ,Mr Simon and thanks to everyone who contributes their thoughts and constructive ideas.

Regarding the clause 'limestone and clay are crushed ..',can we write ' limestone and clay are crushed into a powder"?
Thank you.

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