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October 18, 2018


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The first step is to place limestone and clay into the crusher, which produce the powder. Then powder will be mixed in the mixer prior to the process of being heated in a rotating heater. After heating, the cement is made, and will be packed in large bags.

To be more specific, limestone and clay are placed into a crushing machine to form powder. After being mixed, the powder is sent to a spinning heater, where the mixture is heated. Then it goes to an equipment which grinds it into cement. At last, the product of cement is bagged.


1) 'equipment' is uncountable in English -> a piece of equipment.

2) "At last": wrong phrase here. -> Finally

At the first step of cement production, limestone and clay are crushed to form a powder. The powder is mixed then put into a rotating heater. After heating, the resulting powder is ground. At this step, cement is created. Finally cement is packaged into large bags.

To produce cement, limestone and clay are crushed to form a powder. This powder is mixed then continue to be heated in the rotating heater. Finally, the cement is made and put in large bags.

Thank you for your advice

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