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October 24, 2018


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In some area of the US, a ‘curfew’ is imposed, in which teenagers are not allowed to be out of doors after a particular time at night unless they are accompanied by an adult.
What is your opinion on this?

It has been observed in some part of the US that adolescents are prohibited to go outside of their homes during certain hours at night or they are allowed to go out of doors only when accompanied by an adult family member or friend. In my opinion, a curfew is vital for the safety of teenagers and to prevent them from involving in anti-social activities.

To begin with, I think that the safety of juveniles is utmost important in some areas of the US which can be done by imposing a curfew at specific night hours. This is because many criminals and anti-social groups are likely to operate at night-time, thus they can negatively influence teenagers by robbing them of their monies or valuable items. For example, the statistics of criminal activities happening at night-time in the US shows multiple negative incidences like rapes, murders, and robberies involving teenagers.

On the other hand, I also believe that a curfew after a particular night time is of paramount importance for any parents, as it prevents their children from participating in some illegal activities. As some criminal minds preferentially work in the dark, they may lure teens to participate in illegal activities with them. Consequently, they are prone to be arrested by the police and have to face jail for a fair amount of time. If teenagers are accompanied by their parents at night, the chances of their involvement in illegal activities could be minimized.

In conclusion, I firmly support the idea of imposing a curfew in sensitive areas of not only the US but also other parts of the world for the safety of adolescents and stopping criminal activities specifically focused on them.

Dear Simon,

I was reading some of your GT letters and saw this:

in 'accommodation' letter:

*** within easy commuting distance of the city centre.

in 'Sports centre closure' letter:

*** within A reasonable distance

distance is countable or uncountable?

Hi Katy

"Distance" is more often countable, but can be uncountable.

As the graph below shows, usage varies:


Where "distance" refers to the idea or concept in general, it is usually uncountable. So we have the expressions "time and distance", "a unit of distance", and so on. See graph below for examples of both.


There are quite a number of other words which can be countable or uncountable.

Artificial intelligence involves using cutting-edge digital technologies and super-computers in form of robots or devices. A good example of this is the automated system used by a Chinese Alibaba Company for delivery, employing such technology would save more time, cost and efforts than when done manually.However, this can has its drawbacks, such as high unemployment rates and the high cost of maintaining and fixing it.
I believe AI is one of the most important innovations 8n the modern life, and that it would reshape the future of many aspects of our daily life, shopping, communications and education, in addition to many areas.


-> are prohibited from going



-> is of utmost importance (for juveniles/safety)

c) "On the other hand," at the start of the third paragraph leads the reader to expect an argument against the imposition of teenage curfews. This error will drop your score for Coherence and Cohesion.

d) "preferentially": not used in this way -> prefer to

e) Consequently, [unnecessary linking word] they are prone [better: liable] to be arrested by the police

@ Bogdan

Thanks for the helpful suggestions!

In many countries, people deciding to have a child in later age than in the past. Why is this? Do the advantages of development outweigh the disadvantages?

For this essay, do I need to write 3 paragraphs (1st reasons, 2nd benefits, and 3rd drawbacks) in support of the main idea?

In many countries, people deciding to have a child in later age than in the past. Why is this? Do the advantages of development outweigh the disadvantages?

In recent years, it is increasingly common that people plan their first child after a certain age which was rare in the past. This essay will discuss the possible reasons for this trend and an explanation on why I believe that there are more benefits to this trend than drawbacks.

One of the main reasons for this development is that people in the industrialized nations have become more career-oriented than earlier times. This is because there are more job opportunities available in many countries than before. Another crucial reason is that people might think to save a fair amount of money before having their first child so that they will not have to face scarcity of money in later age.

Turning to the concerns of this scenario, one pressing problem is that the possibility of development of abnormalities in children would be increased. Some research studies on the PubMed have shown that aged parents are at increased risk for pregnancy-related medical disorders. The other minus is that people would have many pending social responsibilities to complete even after the age of retirement. This will significantly increase the financial burden on them, thus they might feel severe depression and sometimes the fatal heart problems.

In spite of the aforementioned negatives, I believe that the positives of this trend are predominant. Firstly, people could be flexible in taking vital decisions of their lives. If they have a child, it would be very difficult for them to take a risk or big decisions like changing the country for the professional growth, thinking for a new business to start from scratch etc. Secondly, in many cases, youngsters are not mature enough to take responsibilities for a child. Finally, the majority of the young population prefer to live in a nuclear family and this makes hard to plan a child when they have many other things to settle.

In conclusion, although there was a different trend in the past, I think that the new trend i.e. having a child in later age has more advantages over disadvantages.


1) Are you really going to have time to write 342 words in the exam?

2) There are two grammar mistakes in the question itself.

3) https://www.google.com/search?tbo=p&tbm=bks&q=%22it+has+become+increasingly+common+for+people+to%22&num=10



Is the opening sentence too broadly framed and over-generalizing? Even the question does not assert that this is a world-wide trend.

4) The second sentence (This essay ... ), though correct, might be seen by an examiner as a pre-learned, memorized, portable rote answer, and as such, would not improve your score. It might be better to write a custom sentence which includes phrases relating directly to the topic.

5) than in earlier times

6) -> to face such severe budget constraints (or such a money squeeze) during their child-raising years.

7) "aged parents" suggest parents over sixty or seventy. -> older parents

8) sometimes the fatal heart problems.(in general)

9) "In spite of the aforementioned negatives,": this phrase does not come up on Google books. -> I believe, however, that ...

10) "taking the vital decisions of their lives." Specific life-changing decisions.

11) "changing the country": no country is specified. "for the professional growth" (in general)

12) -> thinking of starting a new business from scratch

13) the majority of the young population -> most young adults

14) this makes it hard to plan

15) "young ... prefer to live in a nuclear family": over-generalization. Might be true in your country, but not everywhere.

16) has more advantages over than disadvantages

Hi Simon
I have a problem with the writing tasks. I am stuck in band 5.5 but I don’t know why! Although I practiced writing a lot before the second exam, I got the same band 5.5. What is weird is that I took the same score eight years ago before getting to university and studying “English Language” as a major for 4 years. Is it possible that after these years of intensive studying of the English language my writing skill hasn’t improved even a bit!


I see only one possible error in your posting: I received/achieved/got/obtained the same score.

I am presuming that your scores for reading and listening were about seven or above, and that, because of the differential, your writing would therefore have been automatically reviewed by a second examiner.

It may be that in some way your writing failed to answer the question properly. I would suggest going through the marking criteria for Task Achievement & Response very carefully. Also review Simon's previous model answers, by clicking on Task 1/2 in the sidebar on the left.

Without seeing a sample essay from you it is difficult to diagnose further.

@ Gabi

Thanks a lot!

Thanks Mojo

I ll soon show you my answer on one of the Cambridge book exercises that I spent one hour doing it as in the exam .

Many working people get little or no exercise either during the working day or in their free time, and have health problems as a result.
Why do many working people not get enough exercise?
What can be done about this problem?

It is critical to consider that working people are getting less or no exercise during the working days or on weekends and as a result getting multiple health issues. There are two main reasons for this consequences and individuals and the state government can take significant steps to tackle it.

With regards to the causes of this situation, one of the major reasons is likely to be the hectic lifestyle of working people. This is because as a greater number of working people have to regularly travel a longer distance to reach their working place, they may not get sufficient time for physical activities or exercises. To tackle this problem, an individual can think of joining a company, which provides flexible working hours or work from home facilities. Also, they can choose to walk instead of catching a bus or tram for traveling a shorter distance.

The second crucial reason for this scenario is that exercises are often physically challenging and require strict discipline to follow them regularly. This may demotivate, specifically, working people as they are short in time owing to their busy schedules. Even in their free time, they have multiple family responsibilities to look after. To come out of this issue, it would require external motivation. I mean, national authorities can initiate a campaign or ask famous celebrities to spread awareness on the importance of exercise for living a better life and thus this will give an extra motivation to busy people for stretching out of their comfort zones.

In conclusion, two important aforementioned reasons are responsible for the trend that working people are not getting enough exercise and this matter can be sorted out by the active measures of individuals and politicians.

Hi Vishaal

Your introductory paragraph tells me nothing. The first sentence simply restates the question, and the second is so vague as to add nothing. There are two questions: what is needed is to summarize your answer to each one, and then go into detail in the body paragraphs. Perhaps these could be summarized in terms of "lifestyle" and "motivation" as keywords in the introduction, and then restated in this way in the conclusion.

Also, it is often hard to paraphrase the question successfully. "It is critical to consider that" would be more appropriate in the middle of an argument, rather than as an essay opener to introduce a topic.

"getting exercise" -> exercising
"less" implies a comparison: what are we comparing to?
"this consequences": grammar error.

"With regards to the causes of this situation, one of the major reasons is likely to ": unnecessary (hamfisted) repetition of ideas.

" a greater number of " : greater than what?

"regularly travel ": (to work) = commute /commuters

"short in time" -> short of time

-> discharge responsibilities


"I mean, ": too informal for an IELTS essay.

"an extra motivation": usually uncountable.

"aforementioned": often used in legal documents, so comes across as somewhat comic in an essay. https://www.thefreedictionary.com/aforementioned

-> the trend toward working people not getting .... Who said it was a trend? A trend suggests an increase or decline in incidence.

Conclusion seems too vague. Why not refer back to "lifestyle changes", and "campaigns"?

There is growing concern over modern technology such as Artificial intelligence among people. Some relate it as an advantage to our way of life, while others refer it completely frightening for our future generations. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

People have different views on the role of new modern artificial intelligence over people’s lifestyle. Although I agree with the viewpoint that it has certain drawbacks, but I agree with an opinion that benefits outweigh drawbacks.

Supporters of this new machines believe that it will have huge benefits in reduction of error rates when implementing sensitive tasks, as well as allowing to reach an accuracy with a greater degree of precision in carrying out complex issues. To give an example, intelligent robots can perform their work more accurately and preciously than humans especially in more difficult situations. For this reason, scientist are working on preparing this intelligent robots to explore space. Since they are machines with metal bodies, they are more resistant and have greater ability to endure the space and hostile atmosphere. Similarly, this type of machines and the science of robotics can be put to use in mining and other fuel exploration processes. In addition to this, these complex machines can be used for exploring the ocean floor and hence overcome the human limitations.

Opponents of artificial intelligence claim that establishment of these machines require huge amount of costs, let alone their repair and maintenance costs. They argue that these robotics can be extremely costly project in the case of severe breakdowns, the procedure to recover lost codes and reinstating the system might require not just huge costs but as well as more time. The most important drawbacks of these human intelligence would be large scale of unemployment. Today, unemployment are the major socially undesirable phenomenon all around the world. Replacement of humans will have a significant negative consequences in terms of living standard, quality of life, engagement of peoples, etc. Moreover, People will certainly lose their creative power and become more highly dependent on the machines. Another predictable downside would be stealing of artificial intelligence by terrorists which may be a serious threat to mankind. The consequences would be mass destruction and many more undesirable outcomes.

In conclusion, it seems to me that, it has more benefits rather than drawbacks and as a society we should take an advantage of this artificial intelligence in developing and advancing the science of it, while promoting and educating about responsible usage of this artificial intelligence.


1) 375 words is a lot to write in the exam.

2) -> the role of ... in their lifestyle;
OR: the effect/influence/impact of .... on their lifestyle. (on modern living)

3) The first sentence simply paraphrases the question and therefore adds nothing to the answer. The second sentence could looks rote-learned and could be included in any essay of this type. Perhaps something more on topic such as: Artificial intelligence does have its drawbacks, such as unemployment, but it also has many uses in many fields. [This transitions gracefully to the next paragraph topic.]

4) "accurately and preciously consistently" The advantage of robotics is in performing repetitive tasks to a high standard all the time: for example, in installing components on printed circuit boards for mobile phones and working to two or three microns. 1000 microns = 1mm

5) scientist are: hmmm, now what's wrong here...

6) this intelligent robots: hmmm....

7) "space": perversely, "space", in the sense of interplanetary and intergalactic areas, is used with no article.

8) the human limitations: in general.

9) establishment -> development/developing

10) require: Hmmm..

11) -> requires huge amounts of R&D expenditure.

12) "let alone" needs to follow a negative statement. https://www.ldoceonline.com/dictionary/let-alone


"let alone" might be better replaced with "not to mention" in formal writing.

13) -> that these robotics can be extremely costly to repair and reinstate... more time as well. [word order]

14) "The most important drawbacks [why plural? It is only one. ] of these non-human intelligence machines would be the consequential large scale of unemployment. Today, unemployment are [why plural?] the major socially undesirable phenomenon all around the world." [Comment: or is it overpopulation - the other side of the coin? ]

15) "Another predictable downside would be ...undesirable outcomes". This is really a separate point and as such might deserve a separate paragraph. Simon does suggest a 1-2-3 approach, but the points need to be closely related. Otherwise the paragraph spins off into rambling, and lacks cohesion. The general rule for formal writing is one point per paragraph (which may include supporting evidence or explanations). This is also true for business writing where people need to check off each item.

16) "it seems to me that,[no comma ] it has more benefits rather than drawbacks ": yes, that was said before. Please summarize your argument properly rather than trotting out one-size-fits-all blanket phrases.


Pay attention.

Question is like this:
Discuss both views and give your opinion

@ zsófi

First of all, Thanks for your valuable suggestions! I just noted all.

I can write the main ideas in the introduction, but then it will increase the length of my essay! So, I write a generalized statement. I think it is similar to some of Simon's 9 bands essays, am I right SIMON? Can you please provide clarity so I can consider it for my future essay writing.


Here's Simon's recipe:



Thanks! I will ensure it for the future essay writing.


I'll share a video presentation that contains some good ideas for this topic on Tuesday 30th October.


The first step is to find out what is going wrong. You need to find a good IELTS teacher who can check your writing and identify the problem.

hi there, it'pleased for me to be here:)


Intro- I Agree with the advantage
because 2 reasons
-decrease human error
-saves time

1st reason - It decreases human error by
-augmenting different algorithms making life easier
-sophisticated technology are helpful with day to day life
-disadvantage we become humanized to dependent technology hence will affect us in long term
ex- calculator and mobile

2nd reason It saves time
- supercomputers and cutting edge digital equipment helps to create products without any manual help
- delivering products with robots/drone are much easier and time affordable
- disadvantage takes over job create unemployment
ex Alibaba in china using automation tech

Conclusion - summarize agreeing how human can use technology for their own benefits since AI will take upon distant future in due course

1. What does artificial intelligence (AI) mean?
Artificial intelligence is a computer science which focuses on the development of intelligent machines that can work and react like humans.
2. Can you give any examples of it?
Artificial intelligence can be used in various areas in terms of the automotive industry, search engines, and the healthcare industry.
In the automotive industry, artificial intelligence has contributed to the creation of driverless cars. Artificial intelligence which used in the healthcare industry can assists doctors with cancer treatment by predicting the most effective combination of drugs for patients. Search engines can also be benefited from AI, one of the most successful products is google search. This search engine can provide more accurate research materials for people according to their different needs.
4. What are the potential drawbacks or dangers?
An unintended consequence of artificial intelligence is dangerous. Apart from that, the overuse of artificial intelligence can decrease the demand for human labor.
5. What is your opinion of AI?
AI is an excellent representative of human intelligence and development. It inspires the potentials of the human being and improves the working efficiency of many industries, such as automotive industry, healthcare industry, and internet industry. However, overusing of this technology may lead to some unknown consequences that human cannot control.

What does artificial intelligence (AI) mean?
Can you give any examples of it?
What benefits might AI bring?
What are the potential drawbacks or dangers?
What is your opinion of AI?

Hi Simon, it is the first time I post my comment, it would be probably pretty immature.
1.2. It means the machines simulating human intelligence and behave and 'think' as human. It is based on the theoretical breakthrough on the research of how human brains think to make decisions and solve problems. For example, an AI robot designed to accompany lonely people may be designed to show emotional responses similar to humans.
2.3. Apparently, there are many benefits of AI. The advanced design of AI enables it to replace humans in some repetitive or dangerous tasks such as digging for mines. Apart from that, it marks the first time in the history when machines could exhibit emotions and feelings which simulates human emotions to a great extent. This means AI robots could act as a friend for elderly people without children or other lonely people, making them feel warm and accompanied. Therefore, social well-being could be improved. Meanwhile, anti-social behaviour, which is largely caused by loneliness and sense of isolation, could even be reduced. However, potential drawbacks exist at the same time. The replacement of human labour could cause unemployment, which means the loss of the source of income. Moreover, the 'machine' friend is not a real friend, so the emotions and feelings shown by it could be rigid and pretentious. Therefore, even if people longing for accompany could rely on the seemingly existing bond between the robots and themselves for a short term, they could not completely ignore the differences between the 'programmed' emotional responses and natural feelings of real friend or family eventually. To make things worse, people with difficulties in communications may have made less effort to communicate with others after they got the robots, making them feel cheated and more isolated after.
5. AI is a significant breakthrough with enormous potential. It have increased, and will continue to increase productivity by performing repetitive tasks more efficiently than people. It also acts as an accompany for lonely people. However, it could be further developed to perform more sophisticated tasks. At the same time, humans should develop their own working skills and communications skills, avoiding relying on AI.

In some areas of the US, teenagers are needed to be indoors after a particular time at night as a 'curfew' is imposed. If at all they go out, they are required to be accompanied by an adult. I think it is totally justified looking at the safety of the teenagers who are vulnerable to anti-social activities.
In some areas of the US, the crime rate is at peak at night. The drug dealers are active on the streets of some areas. If a teenager moves on the road alone, he becomes a soft target for them and they try to befriend him and out of curiosity, the teen might fall prey to the traffickers. But the presence of an adult would dissuade them in approaching the teen. The alcohol and drug consumption of common and with peer pressure, they might engage in these acts. The nights are hub for many terror acts and smuggling and there are cases of sexual assaults too. So, it is important for a naive teenager to remain indoors to protect themselves from the activities that occur under the cover of dark.
There are accident prone zones with the rush of heavy vehicles in some areas. With the adult accompanying a child, they can protect them from accidental hazards. In the US, shootouts by juvenile are quite common in restaurants and clubs. The safety of a child is of paramount importance for a parent. So it is not sensible to be out of doors late at night.
I would strongly opine that looking these many factors, staying outdoors would compromise the safety of teenagers. It will protect them from befriending with the rebellion groups. So, a 'curfew' if rightfully justified

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