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November 11, 2018


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Hi Simon

Could you give a example please?

How we can develop deep idea?

how many ideas should write in a body paragraph? suppose I get 4 ideas, either I need to go for all in details or tow for deep explanation and another pair just write in sentences?. Because sometimes paragraph becomes so long with all descriptions.

This advice sounds good.Could you give an example or two for a clearer understanding?

this tip sounds great. could u please give an example?
thank you

Hi Simon,

My speaking test was on Saturday.
I tried to give longer and more detailed answers but the examiner stopped me after my two sentences and moved to the next question in Part 1 and 3. I felt a little bit bad but then I thought that may be my answers satisfied her :) Am I too optimistic?

I have noticed many IELTS aspirants comment that mostly examiner stop them to give the lengthy answers particularly in part 1 and 3. They immediately move to the next question and candidate loss the confidence.
Ultimately, test taker will not be able to expand or deepen their answers and this kind of response from examiner lowers the score.

If the examiners are fully trained than why they do not give a positive gesture?

I think the answers you gave sounded a bit forced and less natural. That is why the examiner stopped you several times and she might thought those answers were prepaid.
Has the score been released yet?

Hi Simon and everybody,

I got 6.5 in speaking test :( I was expecting at least 7. As I've written above, the examiner prevented me to give details. I have to retake it.

I read all information about the assessment of the speaking test on IELTS Official Practice Materials, watched all videos of the candidates, read the explanations why they deserved the scores they got etc. What I see there proves my examiner's bad attitude. Non of the examiners stopped the candidate impatiently, instead they give him/her enough time to give their answers.

Dear Mrnewzland non of my answers were unnatural and forced. I've been teaching English for 5 years, I worked as a TA at an international university for 3 years where my instructor was an American academic. My next door neighbour is an American who works as an English teacher at an international school says that my English is perfect :)

Hi Simon,
I got 5 in academic writing test but, I did more rather than other parts of test. How many score reduct if I write less than required number of words?

Thank you


Writing less that the required number of words will drops your score that Task by a quarter of a band, or more if really short. Sometimes this will cascade, dropping your overall result half a band after the two Task scores are averaged.

Raku asked:

""how many ideas should write in a body paragraph?""


"Practise explaining just one idea in as much detail as you can."

A lot of ideas with little support using explanations, reasons and examples isn't a good idea.

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